1. I’m reading Schindler’s List at the moment and feeling such sadness. What messages are we sending to the children. How many future lives are going to be all screwed up, leading to more violence. It makes me wonder how much longer we can go on.

  2. Karen Reinhart

    I admire your eloquence and passion, and I empathise with your outrage. I agree that the immigration policy is wrong. I agree that change needs to happen and that it will take money.

    What I can’t agree with is your call for everyone to withhold their tithe. I could take the theological route and disagree by saying that God is the One who expects the tithe from us and He isn’t going to suddenly change His mind and tell us to divert the money that does His work into a political movement, no matter how worthy a cause it might be. But I’m not going to go there.

    I can speak only for the church of which I am a member and to which I tithe. As of last Sunday, we were over $46,000 short of our budget. If, as you propose, everyone who tithed to our church stopped immediately, our church would have to close its doors immediately. We would have no congregation to wake up and “link arms with other spiritual leaders, and march [ourselves] to the Capitol steps, carrying picket signs and bullhorns.” We also would have no funds to help those in our community who are in need or to continue the work we do in Botswana, one of the most AIDS/HIV-ridden countries on the planet.

    I really can’t imagine how our withholding of tithes would have any effect on President Trump’s immigration policy. But I know very well how it would affect the youth who choose to spend their Wednesday evenings in church learning how to become loving adults rather than shooting each other at school or dropping rocks on cars from a freeway overpass. I know how it would affect the people of Botswana who for the first time in their lives have hope and a future because of the investment our church is making in them.

    I’m sorry, Melodye. You know I love you, but I can’t withhold my tithe until the present abominable immigration policy changes because too many babies orphaned by AIDS and too many at risk teenagers would lose their chance of growing up to cast their votes and make a difference in their world. And I wouldn’t encourage anyone else to do so either.

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