VAMPIRINA BALLERINA: Book Review and A Giveaway Contest

Gather ’round the bonfire, boys and girls! I’m dying to share with you a book I’ve just discovered! I just know you’ll love “Vampirina at the Beach,” the picture book that’s making a splash with picture book readers of all ages.

No surprise to their fans, Countess Anne Marie Pace and Mistress of the Night LeUyen Pham have teamed up for another monstrously good story about our favorite ballerina. You might remember that Vampirina made her book debut in VAMPIRINA BALLERINA and then returned to the page in VAMPIRINA HOSTS A SLEEPOVER. In her second encore, she demo-pliés to the beach for a nighttime frolic with an even larger cast of not-so-scary monsters.

As a tide pool lover, and pinniped fan, I love that she interacts with sea creatures in their natural habitats. She also spikes a beach volleyball, builds sand castles, and snorkels with a whole new cast of characters–navigating a whole new set of circumstances with aplomb.  Make sure the lifeguard can see you, she’s told, and wear sunblock to ward off the full moon’s reflection.

Vampirina takes center stage in this book, of course, as only a vampire ballerina can. But when she meets a “normal” kid about her age, he seems reluctant at first to join the fun. Little by little, he loses his shyness, and while they’re hanging ten…surprise! He sprouts pointy teeth and a bushy tail. Turns out, her new friend’s a werewolf, so he fits right in.

LeUyen Pham’s illustrations are remarkably creative, in that they reveal the wonders of the ocean in a charming new way. I appreciated also that she depicts monsters of all shapes and personalities, without ever venturing into the scary-creepy. Another fun surprise: A lovely spread unfolds like curtains in the middle of the book, revealing the hula dance contestants in all their glory.

I give this book five out of five sea stars! The story dances off the page, inspiring readers of all ages to celebrate their uniqueness and to use their talents to the fullest. I only review books that speak to my heart and/or strike my fancy, and VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH did both.

The publisher (Disney-Hyperion) provided me a copy for review, and…they’re offering two additional copies for a prize giveaway contest! Also, one lucky winner will receive some Vampirina Swag,  thanks to the Countess, so that’s three prize winners altogether.  Hope you’ll encourage your friends to enter, too, because as Vampirina herself learns, “Whether or not you come out on top, finishing with grace is what makes you a real winner.”

The rules are simple: Leave a comment about the book, or make mention of these rescued harbor seal pups, who are being nurtured back to health at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.  All entries must be posted by May 17.

And the winners are…

Vampirina Ballerina swag: Shannon P.

VAMPIRINA AT THE BEACH:  Laura L. and Anna M. 

Once you’ve provided your mailing address, we’ll send your prizes right out!

Wheeeee, wasn’t that fun??


  1. Shannon Parker

    “So cute, I want one”….. said my 9 yr old daughter as she peeked over my shoulder. Both the seal pups and the book. I must agree with her.

    Sorry for the repeat entry, my first one did not include a comment!

  2. Holly

    My daughter is obsessed with vampires, but so am I. Not sure which one of us would enjoy the book more! The seal pups are in a close second though.

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