Thank you for your continued good thoughts about the fires. On behalf of my family, friends and neighbors, I’m forever grateful. 

How about a tiny bit of show-and-tell? 

Stand with me on my front porch and look up at the morning sky. 

(Insert pause here, so we can cough the charcoal from our lungs and soothe our burny throats with ice water.) 

Does this image suggest to you a caption, poem or song?


    • Thanks, Jo.

      Hey, I’m really looking forward to hearing about everyone’s Jonowrimo progress on Monday. You’ve really motivated a lot of us, and I really appreciate how your encouraging words and this project helped me reach an important milestone.

  1. UGH- the air is horrid, isn’t it? For some reason, our master bathroom smells the most like smoke. It’ll be nice to breathe freely again…someday soon, hopefully. It’ll also be nice not to have to vacuum up ashes from my windowsills daily! 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well, Melodye. Next Wednesday I have a Halloween Party to attend at my son’s school, but if you’re free the following Wed. anytime between 8:30 and 12:15 (Sophie gets out of school at 12:30) I’d love to meet and chat!

  2. Oh. Unbelievable — like the movie The Day After.
    Only it isn’t the day after. It’s still the days

    I hope things start to clear up soon in the next day or so with the winds slowing down.

    • Yeah, I can’t wait ’til it’s The YEAR (or so) after. It’s no fun living with this day to day. We really need the rain, to help tamp down the fires and clear these ashy skies.

  3. The sky has just been so bizarre to look at since the fires started.

    I hope that you and yours are still hanging in there and doing okay, Melodye. *sending lots of positive vibes and good energies*

      • Yeah, breathing isn’t too comfortable. That and I feel like I’ve constantly got gritty stuff in my mouth. Bleh!

        By the way… I wanted to say sorry for the little dust-up in your journal the other day. I guess it hit a little closer to home than I thought. the good news though is that olive branches have been handed out and fences have been mended. But still… apologies all the way around. *is embarrassed*

  4. so glad to hear from you, Melodye!
    You’re definitely in my thoughts, along with the rest of my friends in California. Do keep these worrywarts up to date, okay? I can’t even imagine all of the icky smoke and the chaos and stress you’ve all been under.

  5. ugh. my friends in san diego were evacuated and stayed the last two days w/ friends in the O.C. now they are home but the air is still awful. i feel for you guys down there.

    • If it weren’t real, it’d be a fun Halloween image. Sadly, it’s more frightening because it *is* real.

      I’m loving your Wednesday posts, by the way. Thank you for educating us on ways to be more earth friendly. 🙂

      • Yeah, we don’t want that image for real.

        Glad you like the Wednesday post idea. It’s a way for me to maybe make a tiny difference in this crazy world.

        Take care, Melodye.

  6. I agree, it is spooky and haunting – like something out of a horror movie – not that I’d know.

    Keeping you in our thoughts – and wishing you clear autumn skies, cooler temperatures and only tiny whiffs of breeze to blow the ash away.

    • I don’t watch horror movies, ’cause I’m such a chicken. This is ten times worse, ’cause it’s real.

      Your wishes are a sweet breath of fresh air — just what I needed! Thanks.

    • Hmmm. Thought I already replied to this. Must have got lost in the smoke. I don’t know how you are doing it. Smelling burnt popcorn is enough to make me ill. (You know when you burn it in the microwave an your whole house stinks.) EEEWWWW. I wish I could huff an puff and make the smoke go away. Sending some of our rain your way!

      • LOL — I guess it did.

        Burnt popcorn smell is nauseating…breathing it in 24/7 is really hard on the lungs, eyes, and nose. We’re suffocating in smoke, I tell ya. 🙁

        Thanks for sending the cleansing rain.

  7. It really is surreal looking … I was thinking it looked like something out of a Steven King novel, or one of Dali’s landscapes before he went surrealistic… but actually it’s more like something out of The Twilight Zone.

    I hope the winds die down and the awful smoke smell begins to dissipate. Wish I could send some of our rain out your way.

    Hang in there Melodye! (((HUGS)))

    • Mmmm, perfect analogies. I think they’re very apt.

      I wish we could have some of your rain, too. I don’t know how we’ll get rid of the fires and ashy skies, otherwise.

      Thanks for the encouraging thoughts.

  8. Oh my gosh!

    I just read a few articles about it online–I hardly keep track of the news anymore because it’s usually so dang depressing. I had no idea it had gotten so bad! *hugs*

    Stay safe, Melodye.

    • Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, and thanks for adding me to your friends list. I added you back. 🙂

      A store manager at a home improvement store told me I could make tons of money if I had a semi-truck full of air purifiers. There simply aren’t enough to go around…can’t find ’em anywhere. Some people are wearing medical masks; other than the fact that it looks kinda silly, it’s probably not a bad idea.

  9. I can imagine how thick and mucky the air must be down your way these days. It looks like the weather is changing, tho, which will help the firefighters. Wow, so glad you’re out of harms way.

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