Such heartbreaking news, isn’t it?

Teddy Kennedy has honored his brothers’ legacy, and he’s fiercely protective of the principles on which our country was originally founded. Definitely, he’s got feet of clay — what man (or woman) doesn’t? But in my eyes and those of many others, he’s a Profile in Courage, a true lion of the Senate. 

I’m wishing him God’s grace as he travels this uncertain path. And to his family and friends, I’m sending out prayers for comfort and peace. If you’re so inclined, there’s a space on Senator Kennedy’s website where you can share with him your well-wishes and healing thoughts.

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  1. It’s terrible news. At least now I understand better some of the things that he has said and done that seemed out of character over the past few months, because my father-in-law and his best friend both suffered a similar problem and they also experienced changes in beliefs and personality . . . it’s a tough row to hoe. My mom has always been a Kennedy fan, and she’s in there crying right now.


  2. I’ve always relied on him to say what’s reasonable, passionate, and to stand up for what’s right.

    When I heard about this on NPR this morning, I froze. There’s some people we’ve taken for granted and never realized we have – and he’s one of them.

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