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moar funny pictures 

Oh noez, Zoe! Resist the kitchen poltergeist, sweet kitteh! 

1) It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a progress report on our kitchen, but that’s because, well, momentum seems to occur in smaller increments than mistakes. But the margin for error narrows with each task completed, so I’m starting to believe we’re close to the finish line.  Maybe around April Fool’s Day. After eight months of screw-ups and countless screw-offs, that date seems just about perfect. On the bright side, my fiished kitchen’s going to be beautiful! We’ll invite you to its christening, for sure!

2) Thank you for the lovely sentiments you wrote about our baby hummingbird, Tama. Incredible, isn’t it, how that tiny creature nested in so many people’s hearts? 

3) The Easter bunny delivered a special treat for us writers, via the Los Angeles Times. Behold, a novel-writing contest, in chapter-by-chapter installments! Winners will be featured at the Festival of Books in April. I’m not entering the contest, but I’d love to see you there!

4) This week, I plan to finish my revisions and send them to the agents who’ve requested them. I’m also going to start a fresh round of queries. I’m excited about the possibilities! I can’t thank you enough for bolstering my spirits last week, and I appreciate so much the good vibes you’ve sent out for WITNESS.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I know little Tama’s spirit is soaring high.

    Congrats on the kitchen progress–and GOOD LUCK with the queries! Vibes,, vibes, ,vibes coming your way.


  2. I thought it was finished hhmmmmm

    I thought the kitchen was finsihed in February — maybe that was my wishful thinking for you.

    Your memoir will be published – sooner than you think.

    What about sending it to whoever publishes Billy Graham’s books?

    • Re: I thought it was finished hhmmmmm

      We had temporary countertops and plumbing installed back then. We’ve been waiting on cabinets, granite, and quality workmanship since then.

      Thank you for those wonderful words. I’m going to hold that promise close to my heart.

      I doubt my memoir will appeal to the same audience as Billy Graham’s. He’s in a different league, and mine is a different sort of story. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to approach his son Franklin’s agent…hmmm…

        • Re: agent

          Oooh, good lead! I queried the agency itself via their electronic submission form, which states that they’ll contact you within 2 weeks if they’re interested. That was in mid-November, possibly before she moved from foreign rights to her own agent position.Their website says I shouldn’t query agents directly (these instructions are in bold-face black). Think I should take a risk and send her a direct query anyway?

  3. Good luck with the queries Melodye! I know your book will be picked up!

    I’m sending vibes your way for both your memoir and for the final touches to be completed on your kitchen … it’s been a looong haul for you to endure. I don’t know how you have been so patient.

    Once it’s complete, what’s the first thing that you are going to cook in your brand spanking new kitchen. Have you given it any thought?

    • I’ve had moments o’ meltdown, but I’m a pretty resilient sort. Thanks for bolstering my spirits when I’m feeling down about the lack of progress.

      As for the memoir, I spent a lot of time revising the past several days. I’m sending out a stronger manuscript for this next round of queries, which makes me hopeful.

      Cook? I’ve endured eight months of remodeling hell, and now you want me to COOK?!? 🙂

      • LOL, I just figured you’d be chomping at the bit after 8 months of restaurant and take out food. I know what it’s like, as when we were in between houses it got to be a bit much, and that was only for a month and a half!

    • Hee, I was wondering how you’d react to my kitteh. 🙂

      Thanks for the good wishes!! It’s come a long way since we worked together, but I’ll never forget how much help you were, while I was getting my fledgling project off the ground.

      • Awww – how could I resist…
        And take heart with your memoir. Right now the market is antsy. But this will pass. Remember the glut, I mean GLUT, of 90’s self help books in the 90’s that were later discredited? Since then and now the credible ones still stand and more are being publised. Some are ok, some not, but not as far out there as they were in the early 90’s (i.e. embracing your inner panda).

        This will work out, I KNOW it will. Your work is real in every sense of the word.

  4. Look Look !! 2 memoir Deals. . . .

    This came in a Lumch Weeklytonight – email by Publishers Marketeplace

    I know they are celbs — but — it’s memoir =)

    Just to sho you — you will succeed with YOURS!!

    Nine-time Grand Slam tennis winner and current contestant on ‘Dancing
    with the Stars’ Monica Seles’s memoir, exploring her journey of
    brilliant tennis, fame, tragedy, loss and self-discovery, to Megan
    Newman at Avery, at auction, for publication in March 2009, by Dana Beck
    at Bill Adler Books.

    NYT bestselling author Charles Brandt and Special Agent Lin DeVecchio’s
    WE’RE GOING TO WIN THIS THING, a true account of DeVecchio’s life inside
    the organized crime world and his groundbreaking acquittal, to Denise
    Silvestro at Penguin, by Frank Weimann at The Literary Group.

    • Re: Look Look !! 2 memoir Deals. . . .

      Oh, thank you!!! That does my heart so much good!

      I’m not in the same league — not even the same universe — as these celebrities, but it’s heartening to see memoir sales.

    • No kitties on the counter! It’s not healthy for us, but it’s not good for them, either, it’s obvious. 🙂

      Thanks so much for the good vibes. I love the hugs, too. Isn’t it fun to position ourselves around your baby belly? 🙂

  5. Melodye,

    The book arrived yesterday afternoon – I can’t thank you and Dave enough. (((HUGS)))

    I love this quote:

    Friendship is the masterpiece of nature

  6. Glad to hear your kitchen in nearly complete. For that first meal you fix, I’ll be glad to send you my secret recipe for hog jaws, pickled pigs feet, and my favorite….. fried curly tails. Theses are even better than than the fried lizard tails from Lula’ Belle’s BBQ and Chile Parlor. She wants that recipe but it can’t be published. Got to promise you won’t let anyone else have it. Promise? HEHEHE…….

  7. That picture is awesome. lol… I am really looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new, spiffy kitchen!!!!!

    Good luck with your revisions, Melodye. Go forth and kick some agent butt!!!

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