1. Wow! I just finished reading FEATHERS by Jacqueline Woodson which has that opening line on the cover. We’re connected yet again, Melodye. 🙂

    Cannot wait for spring!

  2. Aww…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hummingbird nest. Imagine how tiny the babies must be. :>)

    I agree about orange blossoms–intoxicating. Today I caught a whiff of jasmine. Mmm!

    Happy (early) spring to you, too!

  3. You must must must go get a copy of HUMMINGBIRD NEST by Kristine O’Connell George. You will absolutely love it, especially considering you have the book being lived out in front of you right now!

  4. Two of my favorite things–orange blossoms and bird nests–especially hummingbird nests that are hardly bigger than a thimble. They make you feel like everything is right with the world. Thanks for sharing

    • I’d never seen a hummingbird nest before. They’re so tiny, aren’t they? The eggs are almost microscopic.

      You’re right: they do make everything seem brighter, more peaceful, more promising… 🙂

    • Oh, your icon puppy’s wagging tail says it all.

      Such a happy sight, isn’t it?

      How was your riding lesson? Your horse is so beautiful, and you look so happy together. I hope you can teach her not to buck.

  5. How wonderful! Son and I have been watching David Attenborough’s Life of Birds which is full of hummingbirds. To think you found a nest–that’s really special. Thanks for sharing your discovery, and happy early spring to you too, Melodye.

    • I’ve not heard of Life of Birds before. Sounds fascinating!

      Call me sappy, but I saw that nest as a sign of good things to come. I couldn’t wait to share my exciting discovery with you. xo

  6. That’s so neat Melodye! We have hummingbirds here but I’ve never seen a nest before. Thanks for posting the picture.

    Oh what I wouldn’t give for an early spring! We have ANOTHER snowstorm om the way today and an arctic blast coming tomorrow Grrrr!!

    • Do you have hummingbirds in the winter, too? I wonder how they stay warm.

      Please don’t overdo the shoveling, Sharon. This sounds like a good weekend to snuggle indoors with a good book.

      On a different subject, thanks again so very much for the Candles for Coral site. She doesn’t have a computer, so I read everyone’s messages to her over the phone. She cried, but they were happy, grateful tears.

      • Nope, we only have “hummers” as J called them when he was little, in the spring, summer and fall.

        I’m all set with plenty of water for flushing and for drinking/cooking/dishes as well as running the oven(baking cranberry bread)to get it extra warm in here in case the power goes out

        Did you get my email? I sent you a copy of the messages so you could print them out for Coral. Will send you another batch tomorrow.

        • I did get your lovely email, and I printed out a copy to mail to Coral. Thanks also for including your address and phone number…I’ll give you a call sometime soon, if that’s okay.

          Wow, living through heavy, cold winters is hard work, isn’t it? I can’t imagine having to plan so far ahead. Well…actually, I did endure harsh winters more than once, as you probably know. But now, it’s a lot easier for me, la la la. I admire your hearty pioneer spirit and constitution!!

          *sends you warm hugs*

    • It’s awesome to see the mama hummer sleeping atop her tiny little nest. I hope to be able to take more photos as time goes by, but I won’t risk being intrusive, of course.

  7. One of the lovely things about living in a state with seasons, is that when the trees lose all their leaves, oft times a little nest is visible in the higher branches. It’s soooo sweet. Hiding places revealed.

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