Sawdust trail to hiking trail

Over the past several weeks, I’ve traipsed around the country in a pair of these 

doing research and writing about this

Tonight, however, I’m bracing myself getting ready for vacation!  

Over the next few days, I’ll hike the Sierras in a pair of these

and afterward, I’ll have nightmares about outhouses, mosquitos and marauding bears rest comfortably in this.

Brothers and sisters, let us pray.

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Happy Father’s Day!


In honor of the holiday, here’s a picture of one of my father’s churches. Everybody’s Tabernacle was in Baltimore, circa early 1960s. I imagine it caused a bit of a stir, when that gothic-inspired Episcopal building got converted to a Pentecostal church! As was my father’s wont, we didn’t stay here very long. About six months after he established this congregation, we dusted off the tent, packed our belongings, and once again hit the Sawdust Trail. 

The little girl who’s daydreaming smiling in a different direction than everybody else? Yep, that’s me.