A Child Reviews Children’s Books

From CNN Entertainment Online, here’s a book-related story you won’t want to miss:

“When adults review children’s books, they often focus on the simplicity of the language. Or the beauty of the artwork. Or the appropriateness of the subject matter.

A child might be excited by something else — say, the hygiene habits of a grape. Or the ability of a story about a squirrel and a shark to conform to real life.

And sometimes, to borrow from Art Linkletter, kids say the darndest things.

With that in mind, CNN.com asked 6-year-old Andrew Oglesby, son of staffer Christy Oglesby, for his take on a handful of recently published children’s books. Here are Master Oglesby’s edited comments.


  1. Stunning. Don’t I wish I could get a cross-section of high schoolers to read some currently released YA books and give their takes on them. That would be insightful, as this was.

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