• Church Lady is hilarious! I so wanted to post a YouTube of her doing the Superior Dance. But oh well, this picture makes me laugh, too.

      How are things going for you, Liz? I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately..xo


        • I don’t suppose this is the right time to say that, after a week or so of rain, our temps have climbed back into the 70s?

          I’m always so happy to see you back on LJ. I know things aren’t so easy for you these days, but I hope you feel supported by me and your many, many friends.

          • 70s– WOW!! I live for those garden pics you post, this time of year. And yeah– I do feel the support!
            I’m actually not around much due to crazy schedule– M-W, I’m doing 103 essay critiques, and down at Pitt with my two classes, and I only get about 5-6 hours sleep at night… so H-F, I’m usually asleep. And then I get up and try to catch up with the cleaning and etc. Lordy. But things aren’t too bad. Glad to have the work, glad Dan doesn’t have coronary artery disease along with the BP stuff.
            Very, veryvery glad we have health insurance again.

  1. Excellent! That’s got to be one great bucket of satisfaction.

    Funny pic. The boys just saw Church Lady and now they spontaneously erupt with “Could it be SATAN?!”

    • A *huge* bucket! I was smiling all the way to the Federal Archives building. (Now THAT’S an interesting place to visit!)

      Don’t you just adore Church Lady? She’s one of my all-time favorite SNL characters. Hmmm, I guess that’s probably not a suprise…

  2. Pick me, pick me Melodye! Can I be Bess to your Nancy? Nancy Drew was maybe my first girl crush! Traded my school lunch for new Nancy Drew books! Shh. Don’t tell Mom!

    So tawkin ’bout some sleuthin, I thinks I found yer somethin.

    Watch the whole segment. You get Al Franken. You get the dearly departed Phil Hartmann. You get your Satan chat. And you get your Superior Dance!
    This was a great and guffawing blast from the past!

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