1. Yummy! I enjoyed a King Cake exactly once…when a company I was working for at the time received one as a thank you from a Southern client. It was delish. But yours looks even BETTER.

    Congrats on getting the baby! 😀

  2. Yum! I’ve actually never heard of this tradition, but I think I like it. Do you get good luck for the year if you find the baby? It kind of reminds me of how they used to tuck a plum into Christmas Pie (like in Little Jack Horner).

    • It’s a fantastic tradition! Now that you know what fun they are (and how tasty the cake…). perhaps you’ll want to hold a King Cake celebration in *your* neighborhood. 🙂

      (Try the links, or Google, to learn more about the King Cake traditions.)

  3. Seriously, I have never heard of King Cakes, but the moment you mentioned cinnamon rolls I started drooling. And the colors are so pretty! Wow.

    You have such a fun journal. I admire you enormously.

  4. Oh you brought back some of the good memories from living in New Orleans. I had almost forgotten about King Cakes!

    And yeah, you, for getting the baby! A perfect start to the New Year/new chapter in your life.

  5. Regarding your post after this one – I won’t post the first words out of my mouth.


    So very this.

    To me and to so many of us, the intent was clear from the outset.


    • Seriously? Sounds like serendipity to me. You should definitely post a picture (please)!

      Wondering…will you make more than one cake, or are you planning to load up the King Cake with multiple babies?

  6. Oh myyyyy!
    how did I miss this?
    (cause I’ve been awol, that’s why)
    That looks so very tasty– glad you got the baby!
    (and uhm… someone found this offensive?*totally confused*)
    Off to check out your recipe!

    • I think perhaps they thought it was too soon after my father’s death to post a festive post. I meant no disrespect, really I didn’t.

      Pull up a chair, Liz. I’ve got a slice of King Cake ready for you. 🙂

      • Well, I’m a ‘thinkin’ that there are many ways to celebrate closing the circle of a person’s life, and this is a good one. Fie on the headshakers– it’s *your* loss. They can cope with their own losses as they see fit.

        I’m sorry about your dad– I suspected that might be the case, but hadn’t seen the post.

        • Thank you, Liz. I agree that everyone needs to process things in his/her own way. And I don’t think there’s ever a “bad” time to surround yourself with much-loved (and loving) friends.

          *snuggles into your hugs, and hugs you back*

  7. As an Orthodox Christian, Three Kings is still observed with our faith. Some will call it my “little Christmas”, but it’s not really Christmas! I still celebrate on December 25th. But, thank you so much for this entry.

    I enjoyed learning about the Kings Cake. It looks so good, and my goodness, I would gladly partake in some gooey goodness – but I have enough of it of my own….my birthday cake (Jan 27th). =)

    • Happy Belated Birthday!!! Here, I’ll wrap a piece of King Cake for you to save in your freezer. You just never know when you’ll need/want a slice of sugary goodness. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on finding the baby! I’ve heard about King Cakes but have never tasted one…and as for those who think it’s too soon for celebrating … tell them your Irish!

    The Irish cry at births and celebrate at deaths. An Irish wake is the traditional Irish way of celebrating ones life and ensuring that they have a good send off.

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