• Thanks, PapaDan. I’ve been watching this through splayed fingers.

      This provides everyone with an opportunity for quiet reflection, and challenges each of us to show our “better angels.” I wish everyone the courage to make the right decisions.

      • Anonymous

        As a survivor of sexual abuse, I’m glad something FINALLY has been done. I read the report and was sick to my stomach.

        So I’m with you. Amen, amen. Hopefully this will provide the victims some measure of peace and help with the healing. Also it’ll show that those who turn a blind eye to victims of these acts, hopefully won’t get away with it regardless of who they are.

        • I wasn’t able to stomach the whole report, but I got the gist of it…ugh. And I agree with you that this gesture was more than symbolic.

          On Facebook this morning, we discussed the NCAA penalties handed down to Penn State this morning. Opinions were strong and varied–I’m glad for the dialogue, and hope it continues.

          I do sympathize with the students and townspeople who will, no doubt, feel the consequences of this decision. No one emerges victorious from this sort of thing. Money comes and goes; athletic teams form and disband. But I thought it was important for the NCAA to acknowledge the deep and enduring injuries inflicted on innocent children…innocence lost forever because of all that transpired (and didn’t) at Penn State.

          Abiding by those NCAA-imposed sanctions isn’t going to wash that blood from anyone’s hands. Criminal and civil cases are still to come, not to mention the personal “come to Jesus” moments that may (or may not) happen. Until all that comes to pass, I appreciate that Paterno’s statue came down, and that the NCAA is addressing the issues head-on.

  1. This is one of those sad realities that you just don’t want to admit exists in the world we live in. There has got to be a special place in hell for those who commit injustices against children. It’s also terrible that every single person affiliated with this organization, regardless of their involvement will somehow carry the stain of this transgression.

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