A Tribute

Would you mind a short brag session from a mother who’s so, so proud of her younger son?

David’s graduating from SDSU this weekend! That alone is worth bragging about, since taking just four years to complete a Bachelor’s degree is a statistical long shot these days. But considering all he’s gone through in those years, my son’s accomplishment is even more remarkable than that.

Just one month into his sophomore year, he was the victim of a brutal, unprovoked assault. Despite the seriousness of his injuries (which would have sidelined most people for a long while), he kept right on going. He bravely faced his classes, the criminals, the courts. And he won — a diploma for himself and felony convictions for four of the thugs! 

It’s for him that I’m promoting AB 2165 legislation: as salve for what he went through, and to keep others from facing the same fate.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen my son face giant-sized problems with dignity, courage, and grace. And like the David who defeated Goliath, my son has lived up to his name.  

He’d probably kill me if he knew I’d posted this, but you know how we mothers are…


  1. WAAAAYYY cool! And how wonderful for him, you and your family that he’s accomplished this. Yes, you have every right to brag! Hop your weekend is absolutely unbeatable!

    • Yes, he was (and is) a very brave (and handsome) man. Of course, I’m pretty biased…

      I had tears in my eyes all weekend. Graduation was a memorable marker of all that he’s accomplished so far. 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! Or, as they used to write back in high school, ConGRADUATIONs! *grin*

    Had no idea your son had been through such an ordeal. *ack* I hope the bill goes through. Why is man’s inhumanity to man such a constant theme throughout history?? It’s all fodder for the writing mill, but sometimes we don’t need quite such active fodder. (sigh)

    But he overcame, and that’s the important part! May he rise to ever-greater heights of success and accomplishment.

    (And how could he not–he was obviously raised right)

  3. Heroes take many forms…

    how proud you must be to have such a fine one standing at your side. Congratulations and a mighty woohoo for graduating, but SALUTE for standing up to what’s wrong and trying to right it.

    • Re: Heroes take many forms…

      Your words mean a great deal to me. I think he’s a hero, too!

      (And yes, maybe I’m biased, but I think he’s pretty “fine,” too!)

  4. Smart, brave, strong–and incredibly handsome! I should have know that he would be! He looks just like you. 🙂

    Your work to keep the same thing from happening to other families is truly inspirational.

    And Melodye, I am very proud to call you a friend.

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