1. Oh Magic 8-ball, will 2011 be as awesome as 2010?

    And Melodye, maybe I can ask you something, too – what was that site that inspired you (and then me) to choose a word for 2010? And 2009? I want to do it again, but need inspiration! Because JOY worked out perfectly for me! And in 2009, it turned out I had to live on HOPE alone, so I need to be careful with what I choose.

    • Re: The Word for 2011


      (LOL, that’s Toby’s contribution you see above.)

      Thanks for sharing your one-word mantra with us. I’m grateful for all the ways you demonstrate it–and the generous spirit in which you share it.

  2. Thank you once again for giving us your time (and the Magic 8-Ball’s time) my friend. Last year’s prediction regarding whether or not my mother would find a good job came very true. šŸ™‚

    Looking forward to getting to sit down to lunch with you again soon!!!

    Okay… Oh Powerful and Knowing Magic 8-Ball… will this be the year I finally get something written and published as I’ve been meaning to do for so long? šŸ™‚

    • Oh yay! I’m always happy to hear good news, and that’s a very happy development, indeed!

      Magic 8-Ball says: AS I SEE IT YES.

      Melodye says: I agree with M8B’s point of view. And I’m really looking forward to catching up with you over lunch. Let’s make it *soon*.

    • Magic 8-Ball says: YOU MAY RELY ON IT.

      Melodye Says: Ooooh, sounds like there’s an exciting relationship in your future! Or maybe it’s someone you already know… šŸ™‚

      PS So glad to see you hear again! Why, though, does your user name have a strike-through?

  3. Oh wise and wondrous Magic 8-Ball, I beseech you to be kinder to me than you were last year to answer my question with gentle wisdomDon’t make me go back to the Oracle at Delphi,

    Will that certain matter, you know the one, unfold successfully this year?

  4. I am late, O wondrous 8-ball, and have not been as respectful as necessary. Nonetheless, will you deign to answer…

    …are my heart-held 2011 ambitions are realistic?

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve really enjoyed some of Anne Lamott’s essays; she’s someone I often think about, when I think about writing (and also when I think about faith and complicated relations to faith). What’s her twitter handle?

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