1. I love Luciana Vega’s STEM-inspired outfits that reflect exploration and contribution. Melodye, I love that Payton stepped up to become Luciana’s ambassador (and yours!). Women giving other women opportunity.

    • Melodye Shore

      Payton is pure delight! I had so much fun with her, and I hope we’ll find ways to partner up in the future.

    • Melodye Shore

      Me too, Debbi! I admire American Girl for many things, one of them being the expansive ways in which they’re shown their commitment to diversity, in all its iterations. Luciana’s a beautiful example of that!

  2. Julia

    I love that Luciana Vega is pushing past her insecurities to reach for her dreams. I also think it is very cool the way untethered things float around spaceships!

    • Melodye Shore

      Oooh, same here! I love that Luciana dreams big, and that she’s willing to work hard to translate those wishes into reality.

      I’d love to float in zero gravity someday–would you?

  3. Arielle Lujan

    I think we all find ourselves a little shaky in confidence from time to time, but her ability to get past that and chase her dreams is inspirational. Science finds a way to touch nearly all aspects if our lives. Who doesn’t look up at the stars and wonder? Who doesn’t consider all the possibilities?

    The fact that Luciana is Chilean-American, and we will be joining our family with that of my fiance’s Chilean family very soon just adds a little something extra special to her story for us.

    • Melodye Shore

      I’ve enjoyed all the American Girl stories I’ve read…they’re fun and relatable! How lovely, that your family’s story connects so closely with Luciana’s.

  4. Anxiety and fears seem to hold us back at times but great to see the chance to overcome it and have new adventures and learning opportunities. Medical conditions seem to start the anxieties in my household but overcoming them is the ultimate goal.

    • Melodye Shore

      It takes a good amount of courage to overcome anxiety, doesn’t it? One of the things I like about stories like Luciana’s is that we learn we’re not alone in those feelings, and that our personal goals can lead us friendships with people just like us.

  5. Liz Garcia

    I am so thrilled to see a science-loving, stylish Latina doll! My nine-year-old daughter is half-Latina and when she was five, we were in the toy aisle looking at a specific line of dolls that had piqued her interest. For whatever reason, on that day there were only blond-haired, light-skinned dolls in stock. There were no dolls that looked like her with deep tan skin and dark brown hair and eyes. Very matter-of-factly, my daughter said, “I know why there are no tan-skinned dolls… These light ones must be prettier!” My mama heart shattered. I will never forget the helplessness and disappointment I felt at the moment my daughter deduced that dolls that looked like her weren’t available because they (and consequently she) must somehow be inferior.
    We had a tough conversation that day in which I tried to reassure her that there must be another reason (“Maybe the tan ones were so popular they sold out!”), but I think some deep part of herself remained convinced by what she’d seen (or hadn’t seen) on the shelves.
    Later, we did buy a doll that looks like my daughter, but it came dressed in a very old-fashioned, traditional cultural outfit. While this kind of representation is important, my daughter is a modern Latina-American girl who has a teal streak in her hair (much like Luciana’s purple streak). She needs to see dolls that look like her both in their features and in their style.
    What I like most about Luciana is that my daughter and other Latina girls can see themselves in her. Don’t all girls want a doll they can relate to… A doll that can represent them (and all their dreams) in fantasy play? Playing with dolls is one way girls try on their future to see what fits. When Latina girls fantasize about Luciana becoming a scientist, it helps remind them that this is a career they can also pursue. When they picture Luciana reaching for the stars, they imagine how they can, too.
    We moved last year from a community where more people looked like us to a community where my daughter stands out as different. Luciana’s story of going away to space camp is one my daughter will relate to and draw strength from.
    I appreciate Mattel/American Girl making the doll we and so many others have needed. Thank you, Melodye and Payton, for introducing Luciana to us!

    • Melodye Shore

      Oh Liz, I’m so uplifted by your story, and also heartbroken. I’m so sorry that your daughter (and other Latina girls) endured those feelings of exclusion. I, too, celebrate American Girl’s choice to be more expansive in their offerings. Wondering: Would it be okay for me to share this comment with their Public Relations department?? They will, of course, see this blog and every readers’ responses, but I’d love to pass along your thoughts, as a message all on its own. THIS is why I post these doll reviews: I believe there’s power in these character dolls’ stories, and affirmation in their diversity of expression & physical appearance.

  6. Erin Wyllie

    She’s a beautiful doll that both of my daughters would love. I’m glad to see a girl that’s into space and science which my oldest daughter loves. She loves her story has read the book already and would love the have the doll! It’s wonderful to see a doll that can inspire young girls to go into the space and science industry. This why I love American girl! My daughter is into space right now had her own star chart, this past week she was telling me about worm holes. Fingers crossed that we can get a chance to welcome her into our home☺️

    • Melodye Shore

      WOW, so cool that your daughter already has some of the same interests as Luciana Vega! I think there’s something special about people who approach science (including the stars and space exploration) with a wide-eyed sense of wonder. 🙂

  7. Sheryll Fong

    As a little girl, my imagination revolved around my love of books and the stories they contained. I dreamed of being a princess, a friend of Huck Finn, a sister to Little Women and even a space explorer. That’s what I like about Luciana Vega. She dreams big, even outside our atmosphere to Mars. She reminds me of Chloe, my granddaughter, who has big dreams. She’s part of a girl’s running group that inspires young girls to reach for their goals. Just this weekend Chloe ran her first 5k at nine years old.
    The sky, the stars, the sun and moon and the planets are so fascinating to me. The most interesting story I have heard involves Mars. The Greeks would use Mars, the God of War, to decide if they should go to war. One time, the General saw what he thought was a sign to go to war. Instead, he was was looking at Antares, a red star often mistaken for Mars. His men reminded him of what he was seeing and war was averted. Antares means Not Mars.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this inspiring American Girl Dolll

    • Melodye Shore

      Books helped spark my imagination, too, and helped transport me to other worlds. I never heard the story of Antares–thanks for sharing it here! Oh, and hurray for Chloe, setting the pace for herself and others! She exemplifies some of the reasons American Girl character dolls are so popular–relatable, inspiring, and fun to hang out with.

  8. Emily Torres

    I love that Luciana is an aspiring scientist and space explorer of diversity. She can be such a strong inspiration to today’s girls, tomorrow’s women. I also love that she pushes the boundaries a little bit. Plus she got to learn from an amazing young woman, Payton, so she’s on the road to success!
    This blog was a joy to read, thank you!

    • Melodye Shore

      I agree with you that Luciana’s story is an inspiration for “today’s girls, tomorrow’s women!: I actually think Payton shares some of Lucy’s character traits…She was a joy to work with, and I hope we’ll find the opportunity to partner up again, someday!

  9. Amy

    We are so proud to be Girl Scouts and supporting ALL girls being represented in toys! I love that Luciana is a scientist and shooting for the moon! 😍

    • Melodye Shore

      Here! Here! I admire the Girl Scout organization for all it does to help develop well-rounded, well-adjusted girls of all ages. (And pssst: Have you met Logan, American Girl’s first boy character doll?)

  10. My name is Abby and I’m 9 years old. Someday I want to fly up so far that I’ll be above the blue sky. That’s where space begins for me. I’ll float in the space station and take time to look out the windows. We have a lot of cloudy days where I live. Imagine flying so far above the clouds that you can see all the stars? I hope when I’m older and can start to fly into space that we can live on Mars and travel to the other planets to do experiments to help earth. That’s very important to me.

    • Melodye Shore

      Hi Abby! I’m wishing for you a lifetime of blue-sky days and starry nights. And I believe one day we’ll be reading stories about brave, smart you, flying high above the clouds… You’ll come back to tell us what you learn, won’t you? Because I’d love to hear your travel stories!

  11. Katy Hulsey

    Chloe loves math and science. This doll would be the first to represent her academic and independent of social norms side. She has never been too into dolls but this one seems more like her! Very cool to see 🙂

    • Melodye Shore

      It’s cool that American Girl dolls are varied in the subject areas they’re interested in, and the dreams they have (and work toward). I like that Luciana Vega challenges us to use our imaginations as a tool to take us where we want to go, and be what we want to be. 🙂

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