• It was wonderfully relaxing, and very informative, too!

      I’m still grappling with ideas for Lauren’s class. It’s hard to think about fiction when the nonfiction I’m working on is so unbelievably true. I appreciate your prodding me, though, ’cause the first day of class is coming up soon!

    • Re: What fun!

      Oh, I wish you had that, too! Hey, come hang out with us awhile. We’d love to have you!

      Our group, Pure Fiction League of South Orange County, is full of talented and fun writers, lots who’ve been published and who are willing to share what they know about editing and the industry. I feel privileged to be part of this group!

  1. HA! No need to pimp THIS golf cart; it’s a case of who’s nside that matters the most — beyond the conspicuously placed manufacturer’s name and hood emblem, that is!

    Oh wait, did I mention the customized golf clubs in back, carefully ensconced in a personalized Chanel golf bag?

    • Isn’t it fabulous?!? I could hardly believe my eyes…I knew I needed to take a photo as backup for talking about it later, so no one would think I was kissing a Blarney Stone. LOL.

  2. Anonymous

    Rolls Royce Golf Cart!

    Hi Melodye,

    I was so amazed to find out that there is such a thing as a Rolls Royce golf cart-I obviously am living a sheltered from riches, middle class life style! Of course, you valet parked!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laughing until almost tears,


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