Anne Lamott meets Stephen Colbert

Most writers own a (tattered, dog-eared, beloved) copy of Anne Lamott’s book, BIRD BY BIRD. But have you read any of her other works? A while back, I read GRACE, EVENTUALLY. I didn’t always agree with Lamott’s conclusions, but I enjoyed reading her collection of essays about faith.


In this video clip from the Colbert Report, Anne Lamott and Stephen Colbert engage one another in a faux-confrontational conversation about God (and GRACE, eventually). I hope you’re as bemused as I was.


    • She does, doesn’t she? I think she has a nice way about her. I’m not surprised, considering her writing style. Although…she also writes some angry, rebellious essays, too.

  1. I enjoy reading Anne Lemott. I just read Grace Eventually. I really appreciate her honesty, but I have to admit, that one chapter left me quite disturbed. The one where she had the friend who had cancer and they had a dinner party on his last night. You know the rest–I won’t give it away. Still mulling about that one.

    • Oh yes, that essay made me shiver, too. Thanks for mentioning it. I updated my post to make it clear (if that’s necessary) that I don’t always agree with what she writes, even though I enjoy very much her writing.

    • Yeah, it’s kinda disconcerting when hosts interrupt their guests, but (sigh) I guess that’s part of the schtick.

      Glad you enjoyed the video. Maybe you’d enjoy GRACE, EVENTUALLY, too. For sure, it’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who are cemented in rigid beliefs.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Melodye. I went to one of her readings/signings a few years ago and really enjoyed listening to her. She talked about how she thought we should wear loose jeans and comfortable shoes so that we’d be ready to move when the revolution began. I think of that some mornings when I’m getting dressed.

    • Oh, wow, I would really love to see her speak in person! And (LOL!) I love that metaphor (was it that?) about preparing for the revolution. It’s coming, I can feel it. I’m wearing my exercise clothes and gym shoes this morning, for what it’s worth. 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this…That may very well be the next book I purchase.

    Regarding the host’s continual interruptions: I’ve come to notice that such interviews are ALWAYS more about the host’s point of view than they are to really promote the author’s work.

    • Yeah, that’s part of Colbert’s persona, anyway. I knew that and expected that. And in his case, I think it’s funny. When it’s “news,” not so much.

      I hope you enjoy the essays. Let me know…

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