Another Giant Step Forward

May I please interrupt your blog-reading, WIP-writing progress for just a little bit, to bring you this good-news bulletin from the California legislative front?

GREAT NEWS, in fact! Today, AB 2165* received an up-arrow pass out of the Appropriations Committee, and it’s now headed straight to the floor of the California Assembly for a vote — likely next week! This is unbelievably smooth progress, a hopeful sign of great things to come. 

If this topic is news to you, here’s a link to a USA Today article about my personal/professional involvement in this, and here’s a blog entry that gives the backstory on the bill. 

Yes, the legislative process is cumbersome and lengthy, but this bill has made remarkable progress so far. If it is endorsed by a majority vote in the Assembly next week, AB 2165 will head straight over to the Senate for consideration and a vote. If all goes well, it’ll soon land on Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk. I’m optimistic about the bill’s continued progress, and I hope you’ll also keep thinking positive thoughts.

*In essence, AB 2165 prohibits student athletes who are convicted of violent felonies or sexual crimes from participating in intercollegiate sports at California public colleges and universities until they’ve successfully completed the terms of their court-assigned sentences.A bit of common sense, no?


  1. This is good news! Why is it that colleges turn a blind eye to their athletes? When I was attending a private university, I worked at the school library as security. One day I stopped a star athlete from going through the security gate. He turned and started swearing at me–the school has a honor code which wasn’t enforced in this incidence. I turned him in and image my surprise when not him but I was called in to apologize to him for making up this up. I refused. I came to find out he was a top athlete and the school couldn’t afford for him to be disciplinced. I know this is nothing like what you had to go though but this made me think if schools turn a blind eye to verbal abuse they probably would do the same for physical or even sexual abuse.

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