As American as…humble pie

Time magazine just drained Lake Wobegone — you’re more “average” than you think.


This, from the periodical that named YOU Person of the Year in 2006. Apparently, the clock’s run out on your 15 minutes of fame. 
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  1. That’s interesting! But 50 percent of ACTORS are very happy while only 30% of authors are? That’s surprising.

    I love it that teachers are so high on the list for very happy.

    • Yeah, I saw those percentages, too. Do they reflect the personalities of individuals drawn to those professions, or do the numbers represent their feelings about their chosen careers? I wonder…

    • That’s probably the norm.

      I don’t, however, believe you for one bell-curvy, Joe-Sixpack minute! You’re always working hard, striving for better. I admire that about you.

      Happy Birthday, by the way. I hope your day’s far, far above average!

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