• Do you use a PC? Since Robyn will be heading back to NYC (and taking her vlog toys with her), I’m looking for equipment of my own. Not an immediate goal — I’ve got a wip that needs attention — but still, I’m interested.

      • I have a PC and a Mac. I have a confession, though – I haven’t tried to get any video off the camera and onto my computer yet, so I don’t know how well the whole thing works. (I’ve had my mind on other things, plus technology makes me really nervous.) The camera is super-easy to use, though. We’ve taken some cute videos of Margaret that we can view on the camera screen. Maybe I’ll tape some of my dinner with De and Dot and use that as my first attempt at downloading…

  1. LAME. OUR B&N welcomes us each week and sets up a special banquet-sized table for us, sets up lovely signs — featuring us —if you will, AND they put us in their newsletter!!!!!!!!!! Nanernanernaaaaner…lol. JK Melodye. Luv ya!

    • Oh, ours does that, too. We meet there every week for critique sessions. But our guerilla video tactics probably don’t generate the same good will. Heh.

      Glad you get treated so well. That’s a good sign that your bookstore values its customers (and writers).

  2. I love your notebook, Melodye!
    (esp. the school supplies….i’m shoppping for a new laptop bag, maybe I’ll get a big squishy heart to put in mine – for solidarity 🙂

  3. One nice thing about taking a couple’a days off is I can go back and catch up on blog reading. And I can get going on organizing my periwinkle blue binder which will house all my story ideas. Of course, I couldn’t do that without first going back and watching this v-blog to gather ideas. I like the pink hearts at the beginning 🙂

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