BEACHMO BEGINS TODAY! Slide into your flip flops and hurry on over to the 

 community.You’re an A-list invitee–no sharks inner critics allowed! Come on over! The waves are perfect, and the water’s fine.

Tucked away in our own little beachside communty,

  members can add new posts at any time. It’s open-access, but you can choose to lock your individual entries. We’ll post our individual goals every Monday between now and June 1, and we’ll celebrate our weekly accomplishments on Fridays. Even better, we’ll be encouraging one another as we go.

Gettting into the swim of things: Post an individual entry at

 about the things you’d like to accomplish between now and June 1st. Have BIC (Butt in Chair) writing, illustration, or revision goals? Jot them down! Add some BIG (Butt in Gym) goals, if you’re feeling ambitious. Cross-post that entry to your own blog–whatever floats your boat. 

Ready? Set? See you there!


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