• I’d never heard of them before a friend suggested I go, and I’m so glad I listened to her–they’re fabulous! And I love that you’re fans of them, as well. But hey, with their crossover talents, who wouldn’t be???

      Wishing you all good luck and much grace as you help put together your local SCBWI conference program…

    • That orange balloon is vivid, isn’t it? And I loved that BBOA were strutting on stage in their Sunday best. It was a night for pageantry and celebration, I’ll tell you what.

      OH, and hey…nice icon!

  1. Love these ‘Boys’.

    I’ve been a fan for years. Thank you for sharing the event.

    Our local church is home to a chapter of the Black Sheep, another Biker For Christ group, and one Sunday a month, they serve as ushers and prayer team. Our parking lot is even arranged with narrow parking spaces for their bikes.



    • Re: Love these ‘Boys’.

      You, too? Seems I’m among the last to “discover” this wonderful group. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m grateful to the friend who introduced me. They’re fabulous, and I can easily see why they have multitudes of fans.

      The Black Sheep, eh? Ha! I love that name. In the area where you live, I suspect there are large numbers of bikers. Very cool, and it’s great that your church makes room at the inn, so to speak.

    • Hi Amanda! I think you’ll like them. They’re very upbeat, and I like, too, that they blend traditional gospel stylings with contemporary/country/blues hits. They’re one of a kind, that’s for sure.

      On another note…it’s GREAT to see you here again! You’ve spent a long (L-O-N-G) time in your writing/revision cave, and it’s good to celebrating with us on LJ. 🙂

    • Well lookie here…yet another somebody who’s familiar with the Blind Boys of Alabama! Seriously, I think I need to get out more.

      If you ever see them in concert, I swear, you’ll think you died and went to heaven! ♥

    • I think you would have loved it, Kevin. Such a blend of cultures…a chorus of diverse voices, come together to make a joyful noise. What better way to celebrate on a summery weekend night?

      Do you ever visit the Orange County Great Park? This was my first concert there, and I loved it. (I think it’s the first season they’ve held these events, but I could be mistaken.)

    • I wish you could have joined us. I suspect you would have fallen in love with them, as I did. And I know I would have enjoyed your company… xo

      That balloon…rising at that very moment….it seemed almost choreographed. Don’t you love it when your camera cooperates, when you manage to capture the unexpected in a snapshot?

  2. Oh, just wonderful, wonderful. I love that “Amazing Grace” to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun.” And the photo of the balloon–it’s like the *setting* sun, with basket attached.

    A friend I worked with years ago introduced me to the Blind Boys of Alabama. Just wonderful music.

    • Oooh, nice tie-in! Thanks for mentioning that…It hadn’t occurred to me, but you’re right: It *does* look like the setting sun!

      Aren’t our friends just the best? I love it when they introduce me to someone/something new. Apparently, I’m behind everyone else, but now that I know about them, I’ve got lots of good listenin’ ahead. 🙂

  3. Lucky girl!
    I saw them sing with Dave Matthews, Bela Fleck and Emmylou Harris four or five years ago and they were epic!! That version of Amazing Grace gives me chills to this day! I love it!!

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