1. Prop 8 is a horrible thing. I’m sickened by the fear-mongers spreading hate and discrimination as they push this issue. We’ve donated to the No on 8 campaign. I’m hoping hard it goes down in flames.

  2. I was rather shocked when I saw Prop 8 stickers here and there (and found out what they were for)…it bothers me that people are so afraid of…something…that they can’t live and let live (all with basic human rights). if I lived there, I’d definitely be voting against Prop 8!

    • Thanks for your voice of encouragement, Robin. I’m saddened by the signs I see cropping up on my neighbors’ lawns. I know other people may feel differently, but to me, those YES ON 8 placards (and yes, bumper stickers) are an affront to all the progress we’ve made on civil rights issues over the years.

  3. You’re right, in a healthy democracy every voice should be heard and counted. I vote YES on 8. Too bad I don’t live there. Has California taken a look at the domino effect of how this same issue has affected Mass? I wonder.

    • “Has California taken a look at the domino effect of how this same issue has affected Mass?”

      In what respect? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

      In my view, equal rights shouldn’t have any boundaries, geographic or otherwise. Still, I appreciate that you’re willing to voice (and vote) your preferences. Thanks!!

  4. In my opinion, equal rights mean just that EQUAL RIGHTS and shouldn’t be nitpicked to death or slanted just to include a certain view..or bias.

    Discrimination is wrong in any form!

    • I’m so with you on this, Sharon!!! I wish everyone were as sensitive (and sensible) as you. I can’t believe we’re retreading the same arguments that have been defeated time and again. And the fact that this proposition is funded by an out-of-state entity, well that’s way, way, way beyond the pale.

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