1. I’m right there with you, Melodye. Since I began doing my short little yoga stint each day, I’m feeling so much better yet once in a while my mind wanders to “why did you wait so long to get back to it?!”


  2. If I don’t do yoga, I don’t feel well. Simple as that. I take a class once or twice a week, but I also have a little book with a wonderful routine that I can use at home.

  3. I definitely notice when I miss yoga (but more because of stiffness than enlightenment). Sadly, some missing is inevitable — but I’m glad you’re finding the balance again 🙂

  4. I see things coming together for you. I know I will be able to read your book that you have been putting your heart and soul in so the world can read your words of inspiration.I believe your yoga helps clear your mind so you can complete the job at hand. A work in progress… yes but something that is on going. One that we must take one step at a time but we must remain focused and make time for things dear to our heart. I know that you will not loose focus so keep trotting forward to the goal. I know you can do it.

  5. Part of me would really like to do yoga… to work on my inner calm and the physical feeling of it… to find balance and to learn to de-stress a bit. I think yoga could definitely help me with those things.

    But then I think… you’d look absolutely ridiculous. Sort of like a gorilla trying to do downward facing dog would look ridiculous. :-p

    • I have to say that my body feels most alive (much more limber & lithe) when I find time for my yoga practice. That said, I know too the awkwardness that comes of trying something new.

      One of the key benefits of yoga is learning to see/treat yourself & others with compassion–moving beyond judgment to joy. I think for that reason alone it’s something you might enjoy trying…

      I do think there are real benefits to working with a teacher who’s able to encourage & reposition you–the slightest adjustments make ALL the difference in some of the poses! But my teacher suggested a home workout that you might want to try, as compliment for (or as introduction to) your group practice. Maybe you could ask for a copy for Christmas? It’s called “Beginning Yoga: Erich Schiffmann’s Backyard Series.” Don’t be put off by the DVD cover–I think you’ll enjoy his approach.

      Here’s the link to the DVD on Amazon–let me know if Santa stashes a copy in your stocking!

  6. I’ve just started doing yoga once a week in addition to my other workouts and I love it. I did it when pregnant with a couple of the kids, but never tried it aside from prenatally. It does a whole lot for body and mind, no?

    • YES, absolutely!!

      I really admire the fact that, while you definitely put your all into raising a family, you also manage to carve out a little slice of time for yourself. With a houseful of kids (and all that implies), yoga’s gotta be one of the best things going. Stretch…breathe…and stretch again. These are life lessons, yes? 🙂

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