Carrie Jones


If Carrie Jones Were In Charge of the World
by Melodye Shore, with apologies to Judith Viorst

If Carrie were in charge of the world,
She’d find more heroes and
Discover other uses for duct tape.
And Sarah Silverman would bow and scrape. 

If Carrie were in charge of the world,
We’d drink Postum® in the winter, and summer in Maine,

Take road trips with Grover and wrassle with John Wayne.

If Carrie were in charge of the world,
You wouldn’t have injustice
You wouldn’t have malice. 
You wouldn’t have hunger.
No need to cry, “Stop the war in Darfur!” 
We wouldn’t even have war. 

If Carrie were in charge of the world,
Fudgesicles® would be calorie-free,
And everyone would be loved equally.
And a woman who writes outside the box,
And often wears mismatched socks,
Would still be allowed to be
In charge of the world.

Image credit, Tori Winning 


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  1. You have an amazing heart and I love watching all the wonderful things you do with it. I’m late to this party and won’t be able to do anything from work here but I am cheering you and Carrie both.

    • Oh now you’ve done it: I’m crying at my computer. Thank you, Susan, for those very sweet words.

      I love how everybody’s hearts are reaching out to Carrie…including yours, even though you’re at work. xo

  2. I love your poem Melodye! What a great way to start a day! Thanks for organizing this display of support for Carrie. She is going to absolutely flip when she sees all the blogs in her honor.

    As the Duke would say: Go get them little lady!

  3. Melodye! Was this all you?

    You are such an angel. Seriously. This is one of the best things anyone has ever done. It’s amazingly hard running a campaign and trying to stay nice and calm and not stressed. And this… this?

    Oh, crud. I’m going to go cry again.

    Thank you so much for being such a beautiful person. I am so glad the world has you in it.


    • ((Carrie!!))

      Oh no…now you’ve got me crying, too.

      I hope you see this “LJ Convention” as a show-don’t-tell demonstration of our love and admiration for you, Carrie. You’ve got an amazing team of supporters standing beside/behind you, ready and willing to help in whatever way we can. And did you notice that we’re all wearing blue CARRIE!! buttons? πŸ™‚


    • I’m afraid the poets in our group are probably cringing, but as a dear friend said to me, “Poems are supposed to be expressions of the heart.” Well, okay then…I guess I can be forgiven for not following the rules. πŸ™‚

      I so loved reading your entry earlier this morning. It was a warm-soup start to the day, and I’m still smiling. I’m deeply touched by the way everyone rallied together. Not surprised, but very happy. Thank you for adding your voice of support for Carrie.

  4. Melodye: Your words move me. And move people to do things. Like stand up and cheer. Fight. Promote. Smile. And learn. Thank you for organizing the masses for this amazing Carrie Convention. You are a great friend and great writer. (How can one woman make me laugh and cry so much it hurts? {}

    In awe and gratitude,
    Pamela, a proud peon in the Carrie Jones Convention Crew

    • Oh, I winced when I thought about you, a true poet, reading my “poem.” I’m grateful for your generous words.

      Thank you for contributing your wonderful poem and post this morning, too. You are so talented, Pamela, and your huge heart shone through your beautiful entry.

      I’m awed and so very happy about everyone’s responses. All it took was a small little idea, and everyone’s creative minds and huge hearts slipped into high gear. Yay, team!

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