1. You’re absolutely right.
    If they have a compelling story to write, tell it – and who cares if its fiction or memoir? Just tell the truth either way!

    Years ago I read in the NY Times Magazine an article in which a fiction writer said he gets paid to lie, and therefore has the best job in the world. He elaborates from there on inventing reality and the love of it. It’s simple and the basis of fiction.

    I hate seeing the public fooled and hurt, and the ripple effect of other writers getting the impact of “is this real?”

    • Great insight from that fiction-writer! There’s benefit and challenges in writing for any genre, and there’s no shame in choosing one over the other. But it seems to me that you’re courting problems when you decide to cross over the line.

  2. What a mess! You have to wonder if these women (and one man) feel the need to create an alternate integrity — as if their own isn’t good enough. Which is sad…the whole thing is just a big mess.

    I’m glad that you’re grounded, Melodye — and that your story is real.

    • It’s a mess, that’s for sure — one of their own making. That’s the tragedy, isn’t it?

      It’s sometimes hard to face our truths, much less write about them. But when you decide to write a memoir, accuracy is so important!

  3. I don’t understand it either. But then again, much about human nature’s a mystery, isn’t it?

    I smiled when you told me your girls like the hummingbird photos. It’s great that they appreciate the wonders of nature.

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