1. Rose

    Beautiful art!

    (And–I have to ask. Do you know the name of the trees with the splitting bark in the second to bottom picture? They have them in Santa Barbara, too, only my husband doesn’t really know tree names, and can never answer my question when we are out there. 🙂 )

    • Melodye Shore

      They’re eucalyptus trees. Don’t you just love the split bark?

      Come out West again–Santa Barbara or Orange County–and I’d be happy to accompany you on a nature walk… 🙂

      • Rose

        Interesting. I think it’s just the angle of the picture, then. I’m very familiar with eucalyptus, but this picture is making me think of a different tree–the one with the bark that seems to loosen like a loose roll of toilet paper. Spongey, almost. Possibly Melaleuca quinquenervia (Cajeput)? (Trying to google a description here.) In any case, both are really interesting and eye-catching trees!

        • Melodye Shore

          You sparked my curiosity, so I called the owner of Goin’ Native Therapeutic Gardens, where that shredded-bark tree resides. And you know what? You’re absolutely right! It’s a Melaleuca. But oh geez, I forgot to ask which species… 🙂

          • Rose

            There’s a health food chain or something called Meleleuca in Idaho Falls. But I didn’t realize it was also the name of a tree. They are so unusual-looking! I always want to go squish them and see if they are as spongey as they look. Good to know what they are!

          • Melodye Shore

            PS Google “Goin’ Native Therapeutic Gardens” in San Juan Capistrano. That’s where I snapped these photos. The owner can probably identify for you the exact species, and she can certainly describe for you its texture. 🙂

    • Melodye Shore

      Your entry would be amazing! I love all the images you post to FB and your blog. Just guessing here…would your sculpture include images of your beloved lake and garden flowers?

      As an interesting aside, I thought it was fun to see news reports out of India today. In this link, you’ll see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Catherine) putting the finishing touches on a baby elephant sculpture for charity, during their royal tour of India.

    • Melodye Shore

      Thanks, Carol. I really appreciate that you introduced me to Monique in the first place. I keep her contact information nearby, in case of a hummingbird-related emergency, and I’m glad to help bring wider awareness to the Wild Horses, SJC project.

  2. Melodye Shore

    I love that expression, don’t you? Even more so, now that I know about this project.

    This area (yours, too) is filled with “interesting people” who have amazing stories to share.

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