1. Thanks so much for sharing the experience! I almost feel like I was there myself. Well, except for the hugging Derek part… I’d like to experience that for myself. 😉

  2. The show must go on. The shoes must go off.

    What a delicious step-by-step summary of your night (and day) dancing with the stars.

    You have a gift in making human connections with celebrities and special people. You made Little Rock feel important. You acknowledged him. You made him feel less invisible. In Hollywood and in that television industry, I suspect there are thousands of souls working in the background, wishing for a moment of spotlight. You gave Little Rock his close-up and you were rewarded with his VIP attention to your needs. So not surprising, Melodye. You give love, you get love. Easiest mantra I can share. {}

    I watched the show because I knew you were in the audience. I don’t think I saw you. But it was fun knowing I knew you were there, cheering on the performances. It takes a lot of work to be a member of a studio audience. I say next time you go back as the queen of the ABC Ballroom. (Less work, more pay for your efforts.) ;>

    For this review, I give you a….. 10!

    Shine, Mirror Ball, Shine!

    Pamela “I Love to Dance” Ross

      • I thought it was Little Rock, too, until I checked Wikipedia.

        It was a fantastic, one-of-a-kind experience, but oy to the vey, my poor little piggies squealed all the way home that night!

        P.S. Thanks for the very kind words, Pamela. I love reaching out to strangers, and feel fortunate when they invite me into their circle of friends. They’re important, all of them, and it’s a privilege to hear their stories.

  3. What a grand adventure! And how wonderful you could share it with your sister. I bet that’s something you’ll talk about for a long time! And I agree with Pamela–you always make such beautiful connections with people, and they feel it. Thanks for sharing it all with us. xoxo

    • It was a fun evening, one that I’m not likely to forget. All the glitz and glamour, not to mention the drama! But those connections you’re talking about? I’m deeply touched when they happen. I remember those experiences, above all.

  4. Anonymous

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    You’re so right, it was a once in a lifetime memory and you described our adventure very well. Dancing with the stars was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. I even have Derek Hough’s autograph! It was quite an day. and I am very grateful for the opportunity to ride shotgun with you.

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