1. SO exciting! It’s sad, isn’t it, that mean things that are said or done to us as children last for a lifetime? I can remember every single time I was picked on (we moved like a billion times growing up so I was always the new kid), but I really have to think hard to recall the times someone said something great to me. I’m sure this book will mean so much to so many people.

    • If we realized the long-term impact of our words and deeds, I feel certain we’d choose our words & actions much more carefully. I was blessed to know Luz, whose kindesses I’ll never forget. So…it’s a pleasure to introduce her to the world, in hopes that her generous spirit will help inspire the same in others.

  2. This is awesome!!! I’m so thrilled for you, Melodye. It’s unfortunate that this experience had to happen to you to begin with but I’m so happy to see you turning it into something positive to help others. You really are an inspiration and deserve all of the success and accolades that come your way, my friend. Congratulations! *HUGS*

    • Thanks so much, Kevin. *hugs you back*

      There’s usually an upside to every (mis)adventure, and mine wasn’t any different. I never forgot Luz’s kindnesses, and am grateful for this opportunity to share her Light with others.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! And congrats again. We enjoy celebrating this with you every step of the way. Those other contributors are in very good company.

    Now, get your little self over to my blog! It’s important!

    • You’re a source of inspiration for me, and I’m grateful for your support. As I mentioned up-thread, I’m feeling a bit like a minnow, swimming in a sea of giant fishes. 🙂

      And THANK YOU (and Winchester) for the happy surprise you’ve posted to your blog!! =:)

    • I like that they’ve divided the essays into categories. And I love that “Luz” is included in the section called “Thank You, Friends.” That speaks to the heart of the story…to my very soul, in fact. 🙂

    • Thank you, P! Luz was a source of light to me, and it’s my humble prayer that her–our–story will offer a glimmer of light to others who might be faced with similar situations.

  4. This is a good post. I find myself wondering how many past tormentors of the included authors will recognize themselves in this book. You know how, as a kid, we always think, “when I get rich and famous, they’ll be sorry!” A publication like this is sort of the ultimate form of payback, don’t you think?

    Congrats on the pub! *huggles*

    • Thanks for your thoughtful, supportive comments! *hugs you back*

      Y’know, I may be alone in this, but I don’t remember wishing for revenge. I was so deeply embroiled in my day-to-day survival needs that I didn’t have time, I guess. And when friends like Luz came my way…well! They brightened my life considerably. So I’m glad for this opportunity to shine the spotlight on Luz, the girl who rescued me and gave me hope.

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