1. Wow, how wonderful that the book is receiving this level of attention! I didn’t listen to the whole show yet, but I listened in and around the mention of your story and was impressed.

    • I was gobsmacked by the mention. In a good way, of course. 🙂

      It’s gotten so much positive media attention–a very nice off-set for all the bullying events we’re hearing about these days. I’d love to get a copy into the hands of students, librarians and teachers…anyone who works with bullies and their victims.

  2. Drat! One of the days I don’t listen to NPR and I miss that. Oh well…

    At least I have the book to look forward to — I just ordered it yesterday from amazon. — PL

    • One of the days I don’t listen to NPR and I miss that…

      Lol, isn’t that always the way it is? But take heart! You can listen to it online (above) and/or download podcast, if you’d like.

      I’m glad you ordered a copy. Hope you’ll share your perspectives…

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