Devil winds and hellish fires

The Santa Anas are fierce this morning — our windows are rattling, and the trees are bowing in submission to the high-velocity winds. Last evening, the horizon was a Halloweenish mixture of flame orange and smoky black; this morning, our normally blue skies are a thick, smoky gray. We’re registering a brittle 3% humidity factor, and it’s raining ash. 

A few miles north of us, the Irvine-area fires are raging; from Malibu to San Diego (where my son lives), residents are being evacuated because of encroaching flames. 

Many of our mutual LJ friends live in Southern California, and maybe some family members do, as well. So please, if you have a spare moment, would you send some positive thoughts our way? 


  1. I remember summers in Idaho, watching the wilderness areas burn and how orange the skies would be all day long and the smoke and ash that permeated everything.

    Be safe; I hope the fires stay far away from you and your loved ones.

  2. I didn’t realize how bad this situation is until I heard from someone on a parenting list I’m on that their family was being evacuated. And then I saw Cathy’s post!!! I’m sending lots of prayers and good thoughts…

  3. Are you okay, Melodye? I ended up taking my son out of school. The principal said he was still waiting for official word that the school was closing. But after one parent showed me the fire coming down the hill toward the school, I made a beeline to the office, telling them I was taking my son out.

    My husband works in Irvine so he’s home doing work. I remember the fires from ten years ago but it was nothing like this. The smoke is so bad I have a headache. We’re all staying in in case we do get a reverse 911.

  4. Oh, I’ve been thinking of you, Melodye. I hope those winds die down soon–I remember how hot and dry they were during the big Berkeley fire when I lived in the bay area. Keep safe, my friend.

  5. Definitely — they’re on their way! Stay safe, Melodye (you and yours) – my aunts, cousins, and gramma live east or south of San Diego…you’re all in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. My son and his family have been evacuated twice so far. Leaving the first place at one in the morning, he could see the flames in his rear view mirror. The second place, the baby kept coughing from all the smoke. They’ve gone to the base now, so my mind is much easier.

  7. Always a spare moment for my friends out your way. I do have family out there also but haven’t heard from any of them. So here is a Texas size hug and a whole basket full of positive vibes heading your way. Praying those winds die down and the fires are out very soon.

  8. Is your son doing okay, Melodye? And your description of the skies yesterday was spot on. The smell of smoke is still so thick.

    You hang in there and take care of you, okay? Be careful.

  9. I’ve been thinking of you and Kim, and everyone else who livs in Southern California,

    Sending positive toughts your way and (((HUGS))) for everyone! Stay safe!

  10. You and your family – and our other mutual SoCal LJ friends – are in my thoughts and prayers. The photo you posted with your other (CNN) post was amazing. I hope you all fare well during this very scary time.

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