Here and now, I’m going public with the object of my most recent affection obsession.

Behold, Dentyne Chocomint Blast!

It’s the chewing-gum equivalent of Girl Scout Thin Mints, or maybe York Peppermint Patties. Even better, it’s sugar-free.

Go on, get your car keys. Go buy a pack for tonight’s dessert. Give in to its guilt-free goodness on the way home, and then come back and gimme a witness.


  1. Oh my!
    I love mint and chocolate. so much that I planted “Chocolate” mint in my garden–mint that has a chocolate aroma.

    I WANT this. NOW.
    I NEED this NOW.
    But they don’t sell it here. I have to wait months. But I’ll be in the states in late April. I will buy.

    Hm. Could you fed Ex me a pack?
    Can you send it electronically?

    Don’t fret. I’ll call my DD and ask her to send me a huge box full….

    • Mmm, I love chocolate mint plants. A bit aggressive, territorially speaking, but such a heavenly scent!

      Definitely, call your DD and get her to mail you some ASAP. Let me know what you think.

      • I planted them in a place where they couldn’t outgrow their boundaries. Between a sidewalk and the side of the house–but I had to have some in my garden. And their flowers are so nice.

        I AM a gardener.
        I’ve designed several yards and love plants.
        Now I feel homesick.—so I need to think about something else.
        ..I now garden in words. And my next home will be an apartment. So I better go weed some words and prune some sentences.

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