1. Do they still sell those “Big Chief” tablets? Been years since I have even thought of them. That is a serious looking lunch box you have. Mine was a plain brown bag. Of course you will have to remember I’m so old that I walked to school 5 miles everyday, up hill both ways with 5 ft of snow on the ground.

    • Only on EBay and other online stores. I loved mine, did you?

      I didn’t actually have a lunch box, either. My own lunch (if I had one) was wrapped in wax paper or brown butcher paper.

        • Thank yew! Yeah, that’s me, when I was about 4 or 5.

          The ragamuffin you see this second icon was me, when I was 2.

          You should totally post pictures of yourself as a young girl, too. Got any that show you playing in the ocean waves, or maybe building a sandcastle? That’s how I imagine you spent your childhood. πŸ™‚

          • great idea!! i do have some being born in l.a., we’d go to zuma beach in malibu, then a pre-teen in the o.c. (which is why i still say ‘rad’) college in santa cruz…i’d say i have a sea shot or two. =)

  2. Awwwww…Ticonderoga pencils. I have a passion for pencils over pens – and I still offer suspicious looks to anyone who would dare hand me one that isn’t a Ticonderoga. Their’s with 2.5 lead is simply the best ever made.

  3. What I really remember is being in grade 1 and using a ruler to make my letters because I wanted them to look perfect. And I used HB pencils, which I called honeybear pencils. I still have a little paint set similar to the one in your picture. I use it for making watercolour washes. One thing they didn’t have when I was little, that I just love now, is coloured paperclips!!

    • REALLY? You were that intense about your letter formation? I, on the other hand, always had to re-write my papers ’cause the ideas flew out of the end of my pencil faster than my little hands could manage them. Can you say “messy”?

      I’ll grant my very large collection of colored paper clips to you in my will. πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, me too! I couldn’t find a picture of the library paste we had in school. Do you remember how it had a minty flavor? Wish I knew what it was called; I’d like to include it in my book.

      Glad to see you here! How are things going for *you*?!?

  4. eraser heads – ha!

    I loved getting new crayons. We had the watercolor paints provided in school and the good colors were almost always used up. I think that’s why I love to get new art supplies and office supplies.

    I went to a school by an old apartment and donated a ton of my old art supplies once. They were very happy to get them.

    Thanks for the donation link!

    • Remember how the black paint used to bleed into the reds and yellows? Yuck.

      I’m really glad that you liked that link. I’m imagining that students and teachers were overjoyed with the gifts you gave them. Art supplies are expensive, and you gave them something else even more valuable: a bit of yourself. πŸ™‚

      • I do remember paints bleeding into each other, but I don’t remember black being the one. Maybe that’s because my current pan watercolors have green in all the yellows πŸ™

        I couldn’t believe how hard it was to give away those art supplies! And it was just basic stuff, like crayons and other supplies. I have some supplies I want to donate now, but I will probably try to find a college or an advanced HS art student, because they are professional supplies. I gave a bunch of paint to my college art program once, and I knew the guy who got it – he was very happy :0)

        We’re looking into giving supplies at the younger level too, but we’ll probably use your link for that.

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