Festival of Books: a few photos

Over 140,000 book lovers, writers, and publishing world insiders converged on the UCLA campus this past weekend. We had a fabulous time — how could we not?

I’ll come back later to post some notes from the panels I attended. In the meantime, here’s a handful of highlights:

Robin Benway reads a passage from her book, AUDREY, WAIT!  YA authors/co-panelists Jay AsherMichele Serros and Cecil Castellucci look on.

The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Julie Andrews!

Lisa Yee meets Lisa See (and vice versa)

Hangin’ with some peeps: Lisa Yee, fangrrrl me, and Linda Urban

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  1. oh, I am sorry I missed you and the panel! I popped in for a quick signing and left. I like heat but yesterday was a little much–100 degrees!

    Love the pics! : )

    • I’m sorry I missed seeing you, too, Mary! I understand about the heat…whew, it was roasting (witness the melted-down ‘do).

      Maybe we can meet up in some other venue? I’d like that.

    • I loved hearing all those YA authors read, then talk about, their latest books.

      Yes, it was really 100 degrees. Thank goodness for air-conditioned classrooms and auditoriums!

    • I was so thrilled to meet both of them! I followed them from the signing booth after one of my sessions…They probably thought I was a stalker. And you know what? They’d be right. 🙂

      Er…not in a dangerous way, though.

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