First Person Impressions Contest

Uh-oh. I’m running late…again

A while back, Andrew Schwalm posted a comment on my Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride entry, encouraging us to enter a contest. I’m red-faced today, because I totally forgot to do a front-page promotion! 

First Person Impressions
is a national competition for memoir and documentary writers, videographers and photographers. The contest is open for submissions until this Friday, August 15. So yeah, it’s down-to-the-wire time, but if you hurry, you can still meet their deadline. 

Here’s a brief excerpt from their contest materials:
Each day countless stories unfold. Take a real life experience of your own and tell it in a way that only you can. Craft your story with words, photos or video. Make the ordinary magical, or the exotic familiar. Shock us, amaze us or make us pause to reflect. The only rule is that it’s real.

Want to know more? Visit the First Person Impressions contest websiteI entered, and I hope you will, too. 

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