Friday Five: Festival of Books edition

A few weeks ago, we sat in on several author panels at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I know, I know…I promised to post my notes, but I’ve been procrastinating busy. Little by little, though, I’m transcribing them. Here are a few memoirists’ observations:


1. At some point in your life (or several), the world — or your body — forces you through the narrows. Writing your story helps you find your path and to mine the meaning of those experiences. Cry through the pain. Weep if you will. But keep typing. Sara Davidson


2. My father unintentionally taught me about the disequilibrium of power – who has it and why they do. World events reinforce the fact that we should do something when it [the disequilibrium] happens. Mike Farrell


3. [At a turning point in his life] Everything I thought I believed in was dismantled. I spent time at a halfway house, where you learn to tell the truth and know the truth. Otherwise, you will die. Mike Farrell


4. Writing memoir is an act of self importance. But it’s also an act of generosity. Mike Farrell


5. When I could no longer sing [a side effect of surgery], I realized I could use my voice by writing books. Julie Andrews

Happy weekend, everyone! Get out there and do something memorable. πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for posting this Melodye!

    Sara Davidson’s Cry through the pain. Weep if you will. But keep typing. couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I can definitely relate to that, as my body is once again pushing me through the narrows as it heads toward that large waterfall around the bend

    • ((gentle hugs))

      I’ve been thinking of you, Sharon, and sending out healing, peace-filled thoughts.

      Sara’s words spoke to my heart, too, albeit for a different reason. I felt they were directed right at me.

    • Yes, definitely the first one gave me pause, too. I’m tempted to buy her book, but my stack is so high already. It’s definitely on my list for later, though!

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