Friday Five: leaky pipes edition

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but this year my tear ducts are working overtime. Here, in no particular order, five things that brought/bring on the water works:

1. Two movies: I AM LEGEND and THE BUCKET LIST. I don’t generally like apocalyptic movies, but I do love me some Will Smith. No spoilers, please, but whoa, could you not get a lump in your throat while watching him interact with his dog? And although BL’s plot line is predictable, the outrageous situations in which Jack Nicholsen and Morgan Freeman find themselves made me laugh…until I cried. 

2. On Christmas morning my son surprised us by playing a medley of holiday songs on our piano — a heartwarming gift all on its own, but also a teary tribute to all the years I drove him to his execution lessons. 

3. I own an unraveling but beloved afghan, in which I swaddled my sons when they were much younger. Even as adults, they still like to tuck themselves under my crocheted blanket, poking their fingers and twisting their toes through the ever-enlarging holes. I commissioned a new one to give my younger son for Christmas, and he snuggled into it as soon as he opened the box. Passing on the heirloom itself isn’t an option, but passing along a warm, happy tradition = priceless.

4. My re-piping project is finished! No more water leaks, what a relief, and on January 3rd, demolition begins anew. We’ve been promised the contractors will be here all day, every day, until the replacement kitchen’s installed, inspected, complete. When that day finally comes, glory hallelujah, I’ll be shedding tears of indescribable happiness. 

5. Benazir Bhutto’s assassination yesterday was very sad, and it has potentially scary implications for Pakistan, the region, and the world. As Martin Luther King said in 1963, “Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction. […] The chain reaction of evil – hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars – must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.”  

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  1. I haven’t seen the I am Legend yet, but BL was adorable! I did see National Treasure, Book of Secrets though…..good stuff!

    Afgans=love in my book too. My littlest one took scissors to his beautiful baby afgan my neighbor made for him when he was three. Little bugger.

    I’m so glad the re-piping is done! ::happydances::

    I love that MLK quote, btw.

  2. I was depressed yesterday because of Bhutto’s assassination. I’m still sad, but not as depressed. It just makes me so sad/mad that power and hate seem to win over justice, mercy, and peace so often in human history.

    Have you had a knitter look at your afghan to see if it can be repaired? I could look at it if you would like. I do live in Irvine. Laura dot Kemp at cox dot net. I tried to send a message via lj that I live in irvine in reply to your comment on mine, but I don’t think it went through. It just hung up for awhile.

    Take care,

    • I would love to meet up with you, Laura!! Whether or not you’re able to fix my afghan, let’s plan to get together for lunch after the kitchen’s done, okay?
      newport2newport AT gmail DOT com

  3. I love my old afghan but wanted something that was not quite as heavy, so I bought two new hand-knit ones off eBay and they are perfect for draping over the legs, as I sit and write during the day.

    I still have both afghans that were made for my children when they were born. J loved his. It was in various shades of blue and I can remember spending hours on my bed huddled underneath it, shining a flashlight up through the holes to make a star studded galaxy on the ceiling and then telling stories.

    We’ll be shedding tears of joy right along with you Melodye and doing the happy dance, once all the repair work is completed!

    • You bought afghans on eBay? That’s really cool. A very special LJ friend crocheted mine. I don’t want to out her, in case she wants to keep her client list small, but she’s amazingly talented.

      I love that you huddled under your afghan and made galaxies on the ceiling while telling each other stories. Those are precious memories, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing them.

      • Yeah, I’m an eBay Ho. LOL, I don’t drive, and it’s hard to make connections to go shopping outside of a quick trip downtown on the bus for a few groceries, so most all of my clothes, Christmas/Birthday present etc come from eBay. I’ve only been stuck twice in the four years that I have been buying off of them. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the afghans – the woman made them really well. One is in various shades of gray and the other is lavender/lilac.

        It must be the storyteller in me, but both of my children would rather have had a made up story than a book read to them before going to bed.

        And if I was feeling especially silly we’d do rounds. I’d start a story and then they’d each add to it before it would come back to me for another round of goofiness. Some of those stories were wild! I wish I had written them down, but at the time I never thought of it.

        I do have some of J’s drawings that went with the stories though.

          • Yes they are priceless and I have two of them framed. One is a picture of a trilobite that J did when he was 5 (his heroes were Carl Sagan and Chuck Yeager) and the other is a picture that he did around the same time that he called his Picasso.

            I’m not sure he’d remember those particular ones, but I’m sure he’d remember the ones about Jolly.

    • I try not to worry, but this situation has me really concerned. I’m a fix-it kind of girl, but there’s not enough duct tape in the world to make this better. I wish I knew what I could do to help.

  4. I liked I Am Legend and I’d love to see The Bucket List.

    I think it’s so awesome that your son played for you all. And it’s incredibly sweet that you passed on an afghan. Very wonderful memories had and more yet to be made, I’m sure.

    I’m so glad that you are now leak-free!!!! Woooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!! That’s awesome, Melodye! And I’ll definitely be so happy for you when your remodel is finally complete!!!

    I was so incredibly sad when I heard about Benazir Bhutto’s death. It’s just tragic and it’s going to have such far-reaching implications for the region and for the world. I can’t help but believe that Musharraf had a hand in her assassination. She was going to beat him in the elections, for sure. And now that there seem to be so many discrepancies in the actual account of her death that I’m highly skeptical. That they labeled it an act of al Qaeda so quickly really raises red flags for me and seems incredibly convenient.

  5. I smiled when I read about your family’s afghan tradition. We do the same (but the super old blankets are tucked in my mom’s cedar chest after Hurricane Andrew). I still have mine!

  6. The Son’s Serenade.. The Greatest Gift of All {}

    I’m having major issues with Will Smith at the moment. He made comments that do not deserve the air I breathe but of course he now says they were taking out of context. I find it quite difficult to put Hitler in any positive context. {}

    We saw SWEENEY TODD the other night. Johnny Depp is the one I find hard to resist. His looks do not overwhelm his intense acting and singing talents. Loved him. I had never seen this musical on Broadway so I was not quite sure what to expect from its story. I found it.. most sinfully meaty delicious. ;>

    G-d rest Benazir Bhutto and may she find peace where she could not have it on earth.

    Why do people kill? My brain cannot comprehend such madness. {}

    I am thrilled your pipes are back in working order, Melodye. {} I hope next week’s work begins and ends with a happy home repair customer. {}

    Off to DC in the morning but I’ll have a laptop for e-mail and a quick check here in LJ,

    5:34 am and I shamefully admit I fell asleep at my desk after writing the above. Damn!

    • Re: The Son’s Serenade.. The Greatest Gift of All {}

      YES about the serenade! It was fabulous, and I’ll remember our private concert always.

      I saw a little bit of the controversy surrounding Will Smith’s statement, but not enough to speak knowledgeably about it. But I definitely agree with you about Hitler.

      Johnny Depp is certainly swoon-worthy, too. And he’s a gifted actor, I think. I’ve got Sweeney Todd on my to-watch list.

      What are you doing in D.C.? Somehow I missed that. And for sure, I’ll miss you. Hope you’ll be back soon…’til then, be safe and happy.


    • Re: You have to check out this comic!

      I saw it in the LA Times this morning and laughed out loud. Beats crying, no? Thanks for thinking of me, I think. 😉

      On January 2nd, my husband and I celebrate our 5th anniversary. Geek that he is, he figured out that we’ve spent 10% of our married life embroiled in this kitchen fiasco. And still…our marriage is intact, solid even. Yay for us!

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