• Thanks again for starting the conversation. I think it’s so healthy to talk about stuff like that. xo

      Nana was wise beyond her years, and that’s sayin’ something! 🙂

  1. You are the cool kid on the playground!

    I’m in work mode for the weekend with self-imposed deadline. But I do have some nice local peaches waiting to be transformed into turnovers.

    • I’m cool by association. See, when I hang out with friends like you, some of the coolness factor rubs off on me. 🙂

      omg, peach turnovers? What time are they comin’ out of the oven? I’m grabbing my car keys RIGHT NOW!

    • Cool by association xo

      Not only can you sit with me, but I’ll share my boloney sandwich and Moonpie with you! Heck, maybe we can get Russ to scoot over some, to give up a few of his Doritos…

  2. Anonymous


    Hi, Melodye — Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve wandered around your place a bit and enjoyed the pictures — especially the doggy pull-toy, one of which used to trip me up on a regular basis when my older son was small.

    I’ll be back! Vicki

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