1. Birdlets! Times I wish I could see well are times like this. The tree two houses down is apparently full of hummer nests but can I see them? No.

    The Memoir-a-tron made me snicker.

    • They’re so adorable, aren’t they? If you’d like full-size images of any of these hummingbird photos, just ask. I’ll send them to you by email. (That offer’s open to anyone…I’m happy to share!)

  2. I love the baby birds.
    My dd wishes we had birds in our yard.

    Wonderful quote. Different wording than I’m used to, so it is fun to read another translation. (I use the KJV.)

    • Aw, but you’ve got those lovely swans on the icy lake…

      This verse seems to me a condensed version of The Secret. I love it.

      (I grew up on the KJV, too. No surprise, eh?)

  3. Awesome photos! I keep trying to imagine just how small those birdies are. I see the tape measure and all, but I still can’t believe it! Miracles encased in such tiny bodies.

  4. I’m glad those babies get results from holding their beaks open wide; I try it around here but nobody drops any morsels in my mouth. Sigh. Maybe I should start cheeping….

    • I felt like I needed an excuse to post more hummer photos, so I put together that list as entree. Heh. You’re the first person to commment on the whole post, Robin. Thanks for reading. 🙂

      Twinkies are gross.

      I’ve been following your posts, and though I haven’t commented (lots going on here), I’ve been sending all good thoughts for your submissions. Waiting is hard, but it’s much easier, knowing we’re waiting together…and for potentially good news!

  5. Melodye!
    I’m drinking my morning coffee while reading your post, and these are the highlights:

    An unfortunate but very funny Memoir-a-Tron
    Twinkies w/ vomit
    Moses on hallucinogens (much like the accused girls in the Salem witch trials? wheat mold?)
    And Beautiful, sweet baby hummingbirds – one of them I think thought you were Mama Bird w/ the measuring stick and camera

    Now THAT was a rollercoaster of the senses!

    Have a wonderful trip 🙂

  6. Great photos Melodye!

    I had to laugh at your the Twinkies and vomit statement. I can’t stand Twinkies either, but a lot of mushers take them on long distance runs, like the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod for the sugar high that it gives them. And, for some reason, Twinkies do not freeze. And no, I don’t want to know why! Too scary a thought! If you knew what hot dogs were made from, you’d never eat another one again.

    Here’s Zoya with part of her Twinkie stash!

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