Friday Five

So much about the publishing world is a mystery, isn’t it? Just for fun, I’ve asked five “experts” to predict my writerly fortunes.


1. Will I make my debut book sale before I’m old enough to schedule my first colonoscopy?

Magic 8-Ball:
 Ask again later.


Will my dream agent and I form a partnership by the end of this month?

Fortune cookie:
If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.


3. How about a sneak preview of my first book review?

 Bible Dipping: There the wicked cease from raging, and here the weary are at rest. Job 3:17

4. Is there anything I can do today to increase my chances of publication?

The Ace of Wands Tarot card
: Your power today lies in initiation. You are a winner by virtue of your desire, belief, vision, and intention. You bring fresh inspiration into the world and are master of your domain. Your solution is found in creative transformation and you are empowered by your spark of life.

5. Any words of advice for me as I write this next chapter?

Scorpio’s horoscope
: Your day is a bigger challenge than you may be used to, but of course you can rise up to meet it with relative ease. Try not to get too cocky about it, but make sure the right people know you’re still in the game.

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  1. I like the tarot card’s advice!

    Mercury in retrograde–a 3-week period when there’s miscommunication, glitches with computers and machinery breakdowns–ended yesterday. So things are definitely going to improve for all of us!

    • Last year, I was all over Susan Miller. She promised me the moon and stars, but…well, she didn’t quite deliver. Still, I’m willing to give her a second chance.

      Did those Cowboys break camp yet, or are they still hanging out in your entryway?

      • They’re still huddling around the entryway. I’ll take about 50 pounds of them with me to tomorrow’s school visit.

        Then I’ve got a lunch thing at the downtown OKC library for its series called Wednesdays With Writers. Anyone is welcome to attend and have lunch with authors in the atrium area.

        On Thursday, I have another school visit.

        By NEXT Thursday’s school visit, they’ll all be gone.

  2. Somebody I know… or knew… I can’t remember if I actually know this person anymore… lol… anyway, they used to say that “it only takes one yes amidst all the no’s.” I have every faith and every confidence that you are going to get that yes sooner rather than later. Listen to your horoscope, fellow Scorpio… you will rise up and overcome any challenge. We all have faith in you, Melodye! Your day is coming… it may not be today or tomorrow, but your day will come. That, I believe.

    Hang in there.

    • YES to that one YES! I can’t wait to hear it. Meantime, it really helps to hear your vote of confidence. Thank you so much.

      When’s your birthday, by the way? When you said “fellow Scorpio,” my ears perked up.

  3. I love this post! So clever, just like you.

    “Master of your domain”–that gave me a giggle. 😉

    Hang in there, you, and feel free to remind me of the same because I need to hear it!

    • Ah, thank you. It made me smile to write it, so I’m glad you also had fun reading it.

      “Master of your domain” is a very cool, very silly thing.

      I’ll definitely remind you…that’s easy, ’cause I believe in you so much!

    • Thanks, Tracy. Your encouragement means so much. It’s the little things, isn’t it, that help us turn the corner on our thoughts? I prefer dwelling in possibilities, so I posted something that reminded me there’s always hope.

  4. Well now Melodye, you forgot to check with old Bubba. I ventured over to his old place to see what he had to say. I showed him your post and he thought and thought about the advice you had received. He thought so long and hard, I had to wake him up from the deep thought process he was in. At last he went out side to the pasture where he picked up a cow patty and threw it up high in the air. When it hit the ground, it made a splash. He looked at me and said ” Now you have the answer.” Not knowing what he meant, I ask him to explain. He said ” The cow patty went high and when it came down, it made a big splash meaning the book will hit the book stores with a big splash and be a BIG hit.” Now that Bubba has spoken, don’t fret about a rejection or 2 cause your success as a writer is just around the corner.

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