Fun Zone

1) Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my good news yesterday!  And for those of you who showered me with little white lies compliments, God bless you, everyone.

2) I’ve been wanting to talk with Jen Garsee ever since I read her book, BEFORE, AFTER, and SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN. We’ve emailed back and forth a bit, and last night we finally connected. Boy howdy, did we ever! It was like a pajama party, minus the popcorn and M&Ms. And by phone, unfortunately, ’cause she lives way the heck in Ohio. Anyway, something she said about her writing process really clicked with me. I’m going to write it into a separate post, after I gather my wits thoughts.

A preview of coming attractions:

 Don’t be scared. It’s a C-Ticket ride, I promise.


    • It was a great conversation. You know how it is when you really CLICK with someone? Yeah, that’s what it was like.

      I sure hope she doesn’t think I’ve gone all Psycho FanGrrrl on her by talking about it in this entry…!

      • You know how it is when you really CLICK with someone?

        I do. And it’s such a wonderful feeling!!!

        Well… don’t like show up to her house out of the blue or send her any body parts you cut off to prove your devotion and I think you’ll be okay on the Psycho FanGrrrl front. 😉

  1. I can’t remember if I celebrated on your post before–ack! So here are some celebrations today!

    Oh, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride…I rode it the year before it closed at Magic Kingdom. Bummer. I miss all the Disney kitsch.

  2. I just have to tell you — I dreamt that we met last night, at your house in CA. Well, it was my dream version of your house, which had gorgeous flowers and a hummingbird sucking nectar right as I walked up to the door (kid you not)! Of course, in my dream, you had three daughters rather than 2 (is it 2?) sons…and your house was across a busy street from a beach-front parking lot — so you could see the ocean, but the noise from the street was ridiculous! I was so excited to be meeting you, though…it was a bit of a disappointment to wake up and realize it wasn’t real!

    • Oh, that would be so lovely! At some point, I believe it will happen!

      But yeah, I’d not live across from the beach for that very reason. I hate the traffic and endless partying that tends to happen in beachy neighborhoods. I like my privacy, and I want a peaceful home.

      I have 2 sons, yes. At one time, I was thoroughly convinced I was going to have girls. It didn’t work out that way, but (AND) I’m so grateful for the young men I have instead.

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