1. Donna

    The PMMC does a great job at rehabilitating the marine life as well as releasing them back to their natural habitat. Watching the sea lions go back to their ocean, just gives you a warm feeling of hope for the future.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post! Enjoyed meeting Gabriela and learning more about the amazing work of the PMMC! Must admit I’m partial to a poetry and dance loving doll; she looks like she really enjoyed her visit to the center. Love that close-up pick (5th image down) of that snout and whiskers :).

  3. Sheryll Fong

    Every little girl wants to be valued for her talents and hobbies, and the story behind Gabrielle is heart warming. I can appreciate a girl who loves to dance. Thanks for taking Gabrielle with you to see the good work at PMMC!

  4. Pamela Reese

    Of course we love Gabriela…she looks so much like our Amy… who also loves the beach, and poetry, and dance.
    As for the PMMC… I adore all rescue operations that provide care and healing so as many of our wild creatures as possible can return to happy, healthy lives in their natural environment. Seals, sea lions, and sea otters are some of my favorites. Thanks for the pictures and for sharing Gabriela’s special day with us. <3

  5. Arielle D Lujan

    I love how the American Girl Dolls, Gabriela included, shows girls that it is not only okay to stand out and be different, but something that should be cherished. Gabriela is beautiful!

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