Good Vibrations

Thanks to everyone who wrote or send mental messages of support while I was in Sacramento yesterday to lobby for Assembly Bill 2165. My meetings seemed to go very well. On paper, the language is dry and the bill might otherwise get lost in the hundreds of other pieces of legislation being considered by the Senate right now. But I know with a certainty that when I meet with legislators/staff members, open my laptop to show them the digital video of the brutal attack, and then describe the stonewalling and otherwise unconscionable reactions of those who should have been accountable in its aftermath … well, there’s perhaps nothing so compelling (and, I hope, convincing) as a vivid picture like that. 

The Education Committee’s vote is next Wednesday, so please keep the positive vibes flowing. If it passes out of committee with an up vote, I’ve been told it may not face any opposition at all. Wouldn’t that be great?

And on another positive note, my revised and polished nonfiction proposal should be ready for submissions to potential agents by the end of the week!


  1. You actually have a video of this? How did that happen, and how lucky for you because of all you’ve been able to prove and accomplish with it! WOW. Intensly dramatic.

    • Yes, someone had a digital camera that takes videos, and he shot the whole thing. That helped bring the thugs to justice, and it’s a compelling piece of evidence while I’m lobbying for the bill.

  2. Sounds like you were very prepared. I know it must have been hard to relive that time of your life but you got the legislators attention and hopefully their vote.

    Good luck on your revision. You need to keep up all up to date on the status of your manuscript.

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