1. Yay, for grandmothers! I’m glad she is going to be there for the girls. And I loved your Nana stories! I heard a slight variation of, “If wishes were fishes, then beggars would ride,” !!

    • Ha! Can you ride a fish? Other than a trained dolphin or orca, that is? LOL

      I love how our stories intersect at certain spots. Our lives are so much richer for our commonalities (as well, of course, for our differences). x0

  2. My Grammy was another one who mailed articles (or pictures of kittens or birds or whatever from the town paper…complete with her handwritten comments like, “Isn’t this precious?”)

    • Yep, exactly as my Nana did. Doesn’t it make you smile whenever you think about it?

      It wasn’t like the emails we all get forwarded to us. It was a personal connection, based on what she knew about us as individuals. We’ve somehow lost that meaningful way of connecting with one another, and I really miss it.

      • I think that people are starting to connect through blogs–much like the old-school letter writers of the Victorian age! My Grammy would’ve loved using LJ…and posting pix of her cats!

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