Like most of you, I’m concerned about our weak economy. Our family tables may be groaning under the weight of traditional Thanksgiving feasts, but there’s no doubt we’re headed for leaner days. Still, if we search our hearts instead of our wallets, I think most of us can find much to be grateful for — especially if we’ve witnessed tough times before. I’m reflecting on those experiences this morning.

I remember yearning for a Normal Rockwell-style family meal and a full belly afterward. We weren’t a picturesque family, though, and food was scarce.

Now I’m surrounded by unimagined abundance. I no longer worry about getting sufficient nourishment, or any of the other necessities we once lacked. I’m humbled by the memories of other people’s generosity, and it’s a privilege and a joy to pass along those blessings. 

I asked God every day for a stable home and close friends. But we moved so much that long-time connections proved impossible.

My prayers have been answered. We live in a warm, laughter-filled home, and I’m down-on-my-knees grateful every day for true friendships and a loving, tight-knit family. There is no greater gift than love, and my life is a rich give-and-take of that life-sustaining treasure. Truly, my heart is full to overflowing.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of peace and quiet. Ah, the luxury! We were a large family, though, and private time in a cramped house (or car!) was hard to come by. 

This year, my sons are nestled into their own homes, two states away from our family dinner table. For their happiness, health, and success, I’m certainly grateful. But I’m also a bit sad. Our house is quiet — too quiet.  So we’re going out for Thanksgiving dinner! Lucky us: We’ll enjoy the hustle and bustle of being among other families who are giving thanks today — without the muss and fuss of food preparation, or the clean-up afterward.

I’m so glad that life offers us do-overs (and do-agains)! Each new day offers me another opportunity to create the life and relationships I always wanted, and for that gift of grace, I’m forever thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thank you for the blessing of your friendship!

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  1. What a beautiful list! I’m thankful you shared it with us! πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy eating out! (Reading your comment about that, I couldn’t help but picture that scene from “A Christmas Story” when the family goes to a Chinese restaraunt for Christmas dinner because the hounds next door ate their turkey. Heehee.)

    • I loved reading your list this morning, too. Our lives are full, aren’t they? In very good ways.

      LOL about the CHRISTMAS STORY reference. Now that you mention it…yes! I have a feeling I’ll be giggling into my napkin at the restaurant. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! (Even though you’re Canadian, and probably won’t be celebrating Turkey Day, I still put you into the middle of all the many blessings for which I’m grateful.)

    • Thank you! After dinner, I’ll be wishing I had a cute little puppy like Sookie. For sure, I’ll need someone to inspire me to throw on some tennis shoes and take a walk.

      I’m so grateful that we met one another this year! I smile every time I think about our delicious, writerly talks. πŸ™‚

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