• The earth stood still on its axis, or at least that’s what it felt like, when I first caught a glimpse of the babies.

      Any chance we could have a Waste-not Wednesday post that’s dedicated to the preservation of bird habitats?


    • Wondrous is the perfect descriptor, Lorraine.

      Thanks for sharing the picture with your son. I like that so many people are stopping by for the hummingbirds’ birthday party! šŸ™‚

  1. Awwww… Happy Birthday little guys!

    Thank you for posting the photo Melodye and thanks to Mama Hummingbird for sharing her babies with us all.

    Thanks for the great hummer hatchling link! Watching them grow is going to be such an adventure for you! I can’t believe that in 22 days they will be flying!

    • I can’t believe it, either! I was reading a bird book in Borders tonight, and I read that the Mama Hummingbird can brood 2 – 3 times in a season. WOW. I wonder if they use the same nest. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. šŸ™‚

      • Yes,they do! Because their nests are so tightly built, hummingbirds use the same nest over and over again, year after year. So if Mama Hummer is not bothered by your presence, you’ll get to see many more tiny babies! Neat, huh?

        • Really!?! Oh, Sharon, my heart just skipped several beats. I’m so, so excited to learn this.

          I’ve been very careful not to disturb the nest itself, and I limit my visits to a single, in-and-out-quickly peek every few days. She doesn’t seem especially ruffled (after warning me away, she comes right back to the nest). And in a few days, I’ll stay away altogether, so her babies don’t try to fledge too soon. I hope Mama Hummer feels I’ve been a good, if not invited, guest.

      • All’s well in my nest over here – rearranging the furniture and redecorating (so perusing catalogs for ideas) and have a number of writing assingments this weekend.

        I’m heading to DC soon to get the feel of where my WIP takes place. I know the city well, but I want to pick up more details of some of the neighborhoods.

        Thank you for the thoughts and good vibes – I’ve been thinking of you and watching your post for updates – from hummingbirds to writing to politics to kitchen (sounds like a talk show, no?)


    • I think it is supposed to rain. Good for us, good for the plants, but not so hot for taking pictures. But whenever the skies clear, I’d love to see your hatchlings, too.

      You’re right: It *is* awesome — a reminder of what’s most important, right?

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