Happy New Year! My word for 2018 is…

I’m exploring the contours of Treasure Island in my hiking boots. With each step, I leave behind another set of footprints. I’m not the only visitor on this last weekend in December: Joggers, beachcombers, surfers, and seabirds….side-by-side and single-file, we write our stories into the sand.



The waves advance and retreat. Flotsam and jetsam, shell fragments and seaweed… everything gets swept away by the currents. Even the deepest footprints are eventually erased by nature’s Etch-a-Sketch.

At this time last year, for instance I created from my hopes and dreams a sand painting, very similar to this one. A spark of inspiration, not a resolution, inspired by Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise.

RISE—my 2017 Word of the Year—was all about stretching myself in ways I hadn’t yet imagined. What did it mean, in the abstract? Reaching for my highest potential, and lifting my candle against the dark. How did it play out in reality? Long story made short, it’s been a baffling-enlightening-exhausting-exhilarating adventure. Life, with all its ebbs and flows…and lots more wheeeeee! than whoa.

And here I am again, exploring my favorite beach, as yet another year give way to the gravitational pull of time.

2018 lies just ahead: a clean slate on which to write the next chapters of my life. I’ll start tonight by laying claim to my new Word of the Year. There were lots of strong contenders, but when SING popped into my head, my heart beat a little faster. I’ve learned by now to heed those inner stirrings.

I love a good metaphor, don’t you? SING gives rise to lots of interpretations–aside from the obvious, which is very much a work in progress. Speaking of which, oh my goodness! I forgot to mention that I sang onstage with the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir, at B.B. King’s? Yes, that’s me, making a joyful noise at Sunday Gospel Brunch! (More about that NYC adventure soon, but meantime…Can I hear an amen chorus?)

Photo credit: Donna Sullivan

SING. The word itself holds deep-seated significance for me. I can’t lie: It makes my stomach churn just a little, to think about the challenges it represents. But oh, the rewards…!

I’ll draw this year from the wellspring of my innermost reserves, remembering always these encouraging words: “Do everything as far as you can for love and you will see what you are capable of. One can make more progress this way in a year, than in ten by the way of fear.” That St. Mary Euphrasia was a wise woman, don’t you think? I’ll bet she sang solos in her church choir.

Long , deep breaths, Melodye! Plant both feet on solid ground, and lift your voice to the heavens.

This is the year that I sing to my heart’s content, speak with courage, and tell my story true. I can’t yet imagine where all of this might lead me, but I’m already excited about the possibilities!


  1. Pamela C Reese

    SING! Rejoice with aII your sweet, wonderfuI, gifted heart and souI. Sing the ocean’s song and nature’s song of renewaI. And know that we are singing with you.

    • Melodye Shore

      Happy New Year, dear Jeannine. I’m inspired by your poetry, which (to my ears) is also a form of singing.

  2. Arielle

    Last year my word was laugh
    Kenzy like you, had chosen sing, last year and Tahlia picked Joy…

    We will start to think about 2018 for the next few days as our words start to form for us.

    • Melodye Shore

      Lofty goals, but…still I RISE. I will lift my voice this year, absolutely, and hope you’ll add yours to the chorus. xo

    • Melodye Shore

      That’s a lot of singing, Beth! Thanks for the encouragement. I plan to make lots and lots of joyful noise.

  3. Hallelujah! The bushel is being lifted and the light of your voice is going to burst forth. We all are waiting to hear this year’s chorus. In a literal sense, being a lucky one to have actually heard you sing I can hardly wait to hear it in person again. 💛

    • Melodye Shore

      Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about that. “Lucky” might be a overstatement, lol. I do love your Biblical metaphors, though. Happy New Year!

    • Melodye Shore

      Yes, RISE was both an encouragement and a solace, in 2017. I’m looking forward to singing with you this year, Kelly!

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