1. Oh they’re getting so big!!! You’re not the obnxious auntie for sharing pictures as the little ones grow! Now if you subjected all to a day-by-day slideshow, that might be a different story. šŸ˜‰ Kidding!

    I’m so glad your babies are getting all big and strong. Mine left the nest last week, though I still see them buzzing about the tree now and again. Oh they grow so fast, don’t they?

    • I love that yours still hang around the tree. It’s nice that they consider it home base, isn’t it? I’d hate to think I’d never see mine again after they learn to fly.

      A slide show…hmm, I hadn’t thought of that…lol.

  2. Love your chuparosas! They are so cute! I need to get another feeder. One time I took my sun conure outside while the carpet got professionally cleaned. One of the little hummingbirds buzzed right up to my bright orange parrot, probably thinking he was a pretty flower! Let’s just say my parrot didn’t like that!!!

    • I’m glad you managed to come by for at least one!

      I haven’t named them, no. I think they’re both females, but I can’t be certain until they’re no longer “adolescents.” That said, maybe we should have a naming contest…think so?

      • I tried but her nest is such a deep one, I would have to get right on top of it to see inside and the way it is tucked in the tree I can’t do that. Hopefully I will see some beaks peeking above the rim soon : )

    • The photos make them look bigger than they are — as an artist, you probably understand that whole perspective thing better than I. All I know is that up-close-and-personal, they’re tinier than you can possibly imagine.

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