I should have known they’d call: I’ve got ESPN!

Just finished a phone interview with Sports Illustrated. It seems a reporter’s been tracking my piece of legislation and, after seeing the article in the L.A. Times this morning, he wants to do a story for their magazine. 

OMG, what an unlikely connection: I don’t enjoy spectator sports (please pass the remote), and I’ve never even read a sports magazine! But hey, it’s all good, as long as the bill’s underlying issue gets the attention it deserves.

(Credits: The title’s a riff on a line in Legally Blonde.)


  1. Awesome. Think of how many people this will reach… how many athletes (at all levels) will give pause and think about their actions/behavior/choices as they read the article.

    I have chills….

  2. All great news for your bill! And maybe it will be more of a national issue once it starts to get more coverage. Congratulations again on all your hard work paying off!

  3. “Playing sports is a privilege, not a right.” My favorite point in the article! So good to see that in SI!!!
    Also, I didn’t realize how serious the crimes were! In the sports world, women have earned more respect as players, but on the sidelines, it’s still appalling – and this is one step in the direction of respect and consequences for not just “bad” behavior, but criminal behavior.

  4. Great press! I live in a small town about 30 miles south of Fresno, and when I first saw the case mentioned reported on our local news, I knew it was a prime example of the need for your particular piece of legislation.

    It may ‘sound horrible’ to think all sports recruits should be subject to DOJ background checks as well as criminal b/g checks in areas local to their home, but I can’t believe it would be as ‘difficult’ to do as the coach interviewed seems to indicate.

    Frankly – those kinds of checks are routine for anyone who wants to volunteer in positions that put them in close contact with juveniles, so why wouldn’t it make sense to screen those ‘destined’ to become sports ‘heroes’?

    Congrats on your SI interview!

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