“If you can’t say anything nice…”

A) Come sit next to me.

B) Don’t say anything at all.

C) Hire a translator.

D) Put on your walking shoes and go exploring.

E) Ease up on the espresso. 

F) Yank that purple bracelet off your wrist.

G) All of the above.

H) None of the above. 

Bonus Points: Explain your choice(s), or come up with your own creative answer.

My choices: B and D, ’cause it’s only been two days and I’m already tempted to add F


  1. Personally, I vote for F, because I spent far too many years having the whole “if you can’t say anything nice” used to control me and to invalidate anything bad or negative that had ever happened to me personally. I appreciate what people want to do with this, and I try to be kind and polite to people as I’d appreciate being treated in return. But I really don’t want to be muzzled again.

  2. Uh-oh! Is somebody giving you grief? I’m not wearing a purple bracelet, so I can… y’know… take care of ’em for you. 🙂

    Hope they’re not troubling you too much!

    Oh, and my choice would be A. 🙂

  3. If you can’t say anything nice

    then come sit next to me so I can write it all down and put it in a YA novel, because, you know, I really need to have mean characters in there too unfortunately.

    Yes. I’m talking to you. No! What? Now you’re running away. C’mon mean talker, I’ll put you in the acknowedgements.

    Choice A.

    In real life though, I hope you’re doing okay.

  4. How about A. Come sit next to me then add # I… Write all those negative vibs on a piece of paper then add # J…. Place in book with the self doubts in it and place back on the top shelf. :0)

  5. Interesting…I was thinking of this today (I’ve been PMS-ing) as I screamed (no words, just ‘ahhhhh’) because DD was driving me insane and wasn’t listening at all — we’ll see how I do with the bracelet 🙂

    I received the bracelet today (thank you!), and I had to switch it 3 times within the first 3 minutes that I put it on. I kid you not. !#%#@%!
    I am walking around with the “Burger King smile” on. You know, the Burger King on the commercials whose facial expression never changes from that weird rigor mortis grin?
    That’s the only way I can keep the !#%% bracelet on one side.
    I’m off to explain to Hubby AGAIN why nagging is NOT complaining…it’s only SUGGESTING. I don’t think he’s buying it. He’s having way too much fun with my bracelet experiment.

  7. Well D is a good choice, because a nice hike wears out the complaint center sometimes, and it’s that time of year (as soon as the mud dries a bit).

    Or, “If you can’t say anything nice, get a blog.”

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