Images of the Place I Call Home

alg has a great meme going on, so I decided I’d co-opt it, then change it up a little bit.

Here’s how it works: You ask to see a picture of something (or some place) in the area where I live, and I’ll post my photos to my blog. Take a peek at the real Orange County — through the lens of an LJ friend!

I realize I’m running the risk of suggesting an already-overexposed idea. So, if you’ve already seen enough of The O.C. or Laguna Beach, I’ll understand; just skip this post and move on.

Edenzdream asked for a beach shot, which was easy, as the ocean’s very close to my home. Here’s one my favorite vistas: a cliff overlooking Laguna Beach.

Since he asked for something frightening, I’m giving Jonstephens this picture of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland — the smile-free corner of the Happiest Place on Earth.


    • What, what?! You want me to go take pictures of the place that scares me the most? You’re a tough customer, Jonathan!

      Negotiation time: Can I admit that I’m too much of a scaredy-cat, then cheat by posting a photo that someone else took?

      • I thought it’d be interesting, you know, to see what areas other people are scared of. Like for me, it’d be that upstairs island in the mall that surrounds Charlotte Rousse. Don’t ask.

        Negotiation resolution: You can post someone else’s photos.

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